Patients who suffer stroke and need screening for swallowing difficulties?

I know the Speech and Language therapists assess those who fail the screening but who conducts the screening in the first place?

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    1 decade ago
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    In my experience, normally the healthcare professional who looks after them - often a nurse or HCA on a ward will identify a potential problem, then after discussion with a doctor will refer to speach and language therapists.

    Some hospitals have a screening tool which nurses can use - trying thickened fluids or yoghurt first, before referral to speach and language.

    In my experience, as a nurse, if you have any doubt, you discuss it with the patients doctor, then the patient is normally put nil-by-mouth until the SALT team assess them. Some sort of fluid would be given, either by intravenous line, or nasogastric tube until a person was assessed as safe to eat.

    If there is any doubt, it is better that someone is Nil-by-mouth until a SALT assessment - the risk of aspiration pneumonia is too great otherwise.

    During my nurse training, I was not taught how to effectively test someone's swallow - this is a specialist area, which must be done by those who are trained appropriately.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It should be part of the admissions assessment--done by a doctor or nurse.

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