Should I use additional adhesive when installing self-adhesive vinyl tiles?

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I will be installing the tile over existing tiles in a bedroom. The existing tiles are currently very secure.
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  • Joan answered 6 years ago
We have used self-adhesive vinyl tiles several times and have never needed extra adhesive. Also, I've never seen them say anything about doing that on any of the home improvement shows on tv. But they do indicate that the floor needs to be very clean.

I'm sure it will be fine as long as you have a good clean, level floor to start.
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  • larry o answered 6 years ago
    i've laid them several times and never had any major problems, but i think if i ever lay them again i will use adhesive. no such thing as overkill when you want something to last.
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  • bobbyblackeyes answered 6 years ago
    nah you dont need it!! but i would suggest a primer!!!!
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  • marvin A answered 6 years ago
    the tile on the floor has to be very clean and wax free. put a new one on it,,,,if it sticks then you are good to go.
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  • Bin There answered 6 years ago
    If you really prep the floor well. You know super clean, then you should be alright. Unless you end up with a small piece in the corner some where. Then You might use a little extra.
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