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Weird Thoughts as a Child?

When I was younger, I used to think the craziest things. Like if i dug deep enough, i would see the devil. or if i ran far enough, i would touch the sky.

I was wondering if anyone else thought things like this. haha. If you did, please share it.

I'll give the best answer to whoever has the most interesting one. :]


oh wow. those are hilarious!

i have no idea how i'm going to choose.

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    My sister and I used to think that we were the inventors of nachos and cheese. One day we saw our other (older) sister eating nachos and cheese and we got so mad because we didn't give her permission to eat that food.

    I also thought that stuffed animals came alive in your sleep, those weird grey seashells on the beach were whale poop, if you kept digging in the sand at the beach you'd hit like cement or something, if you swung on the swing hard enough you could circle all the way around the top pole (I can't tell you how many times I tried to do that!), I was fascinated by where food went when you ate it and where poop and pee came from (I saw no connection between the two!), if you think hard enough you could move a pencil, when I was little my brother told me that our cabbage plants ate people (I never got near the garden again), I also thought that the world used to be black and white (like in those old pictures), I didn't believe in aging, The drain at the bottom of the pool was evil!, the deep end of the pool went on and on and if you held your breath long enough you could go to some magical place or something, I can't think of any others...

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    I thought that if you digged far enough you would see the devil too!!! I also thought that God was big kid and the world was like a little play set and just played cars and dolls all day. I also though that the whole world used to be black and white then one day everything turned into color! Like the old tv shows

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    I used to think that the actors on T.V live behind the screen :)

    & cause I know that the earth is almost a circle , I used to think that if I traveled in another country the land would be bent as a part of the circle :);_ylt=AuRi0...

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    I used to think that i was the only real person in the world and everyone else were angels or something. Sort of like the Truman Show, except i had not seen that yet.

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    When I was little I thought you could get pregnant by kissing and so I would hold my breath and I would be convinced that this would result in a breath baby abortion lol. I also thought that If i really tried hard enough I could blow stuff with with my mind. lol yeah i was strange. I only blew something up twice lol.

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    I never had too many weird thoughts...but one was:

    "If I practiced holding my breath enough, I'd grow gills and be able to swim with the fish in the sea."

    And also:

    "If I watched enough TV, I'd one day magically appear with the people-inside the screen!"

    I was a weird child...LOL.

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    I thought that if I attached something like pieces of cardboard on my arms and ran too quickly (preferably with a bicycle) I would fly...

    I also thought that whenever I sat on the toilet, a large worm will come through the toilet and get inside of my anus and eat me up. lol

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    haha. i thought if i stayed in my bathtub too long after i pulled the plug, a ghost thing would come out of the drain and pull me in. i have no idea why, but needless to say, i took as little time in the bathtub as i could.

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    lol ok you know those conveyer belts in the airport where they put your baggage when you check in? I used to think the conveyer belts continue on and on to the airport at the place your travelling to XD....also, when i was like 6 or 7 i thought you would go to hell if you ate asparagus

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    I always thought if i concentrated hard enough I could actually do magic. I would try to bend spoons and move things like "CARRIE" haha.

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