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confederate flag question?

can you discuss both sides of the issue on the meaning of the Confederate flag in MODERN America?

like from the prospective of the Whites who wants to fly the flag. and also from the African-Americans prospective who wants to remove the flag.

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    Many white southerners believe that the Confederate flag symbolizes the traditions and cullture of the American South.

    However, many people (not just African-Americans, this includes almost all white Northerners) think that the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery, the Confederacy's values, and the horror of the Civil War. I completely agree. Germany has a fantastic cultural history, but Germans don't wave the Swastika to show it. I know the Confederates weren't Nazis, but slavery was a major value they had and slavery is a horrible crime against humanity.

    It's essentially a disagreement about the flag's symbolism.

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    there is a very good documentary on Neflix called "The Civil War" by Ken Burns, and it is an 8 part documentary and it talks all about the Civil War.

    It would take too long for me to explain everything about the entire Civil War, but to summarize it, when the North and South were divided back in the mid 1800's, they had the Union in the North and the Confederacy in the South. The North was free, and the South had slavery. Then the 13th amendment was added to the Constitution which officially abolished slavery, but the southern states did not want it, so they exercised their right to secede, which means they broke away from the Union. Even today any state in the country could do it if they wanted to, according to the Constitution.

    But anyway, when General Lee surrendered to the North, the country was unified. But let's get a few things straight. First, it is not called the 'hate flag', it's not called the 'racist flag', or anything like that. In fact, it is actually not even called the Confederate Flag, it's called the Battle Flag (or sometimes called the Rebel Flag). The 13 stars on the flag represent the 13 states that exercised their right to secession (or to put it another way, state's rights). And the flag has the same colors as the current American flag. But it is a symbol of our history and our heritage.

    the reason that there is controversy over the flag in modern day society, is because unfortunately a lot of people who fly the flag don't do it to show their freedom, they do it because they are racist. Now, in my opinion, I think that is totally wrong, but it is also their right. Racism is wrong in my opinion, but it is not against the law. But also when that pastor was shot by someone who was flying that flag, it added to the concern that people had. And then of course there have been a lot of movies where it was used as well (for example "A Time To Kill" had those 2 white rednecks who had it in back window of their truck).

    But you can't blame it on a flag. If you want to blame someone, blame the people who fly it out of hatred, and also suggest to them that they take a history class and learn about what the flag is really about. I think that people who fly the flag should make sure that they are doing it for the right reasons.

    I also feel that taking it down at Fort Sumter, where the first shots were fired during the Civil War, is disrespectful to our country, because that is a historical monument and you don't interfere with history. As tragic as it may have been, we need to have ways to understand what happened, and we can't just pretend like it didn't happen.

    I hope this helps...

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    Actually, what is called the Confederate Flag is actually a flag that came about because real Confederate Flag, when not flying in the wind, look too similar to the US flag. The whole flag is a mistake. There are too many stars on it.

    I don't give a hoot one way or the other about it and I would be what most people call Southern. Reverence of it is basically a red neck thing and is no more racist than a lot of symbols used by blacks, things that show them as a separate group.

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    not all people who fly the confederate flag is white, there are many african americans who fly it because their ancestors fougth for the south (under their own will) the confederates had slaves but so did the north. only the ones who believe their history books would say that the flag stands for racism.

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      I don't know if I would say 'anyone who believes their history books', because the history books are more accurate. I would probably say 'those people who believe the MEDIA'

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    On the personal, individual level it can mean anything to that person. But my concern is when they want to put on top of the state capital building. That's just wrong. Let's ignore the slavery connection, it still represents an organization whose sole purpose was to fragment the United States of America, their flag has no business flying from a state capital, or any other official government office.

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    I heard that for white people who fly the flag today it's used in a racist way, referring to the times when white people thought they were more clever and things than black people.

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    First poster is right. But personally, I think its just a piece of cloth. It only symbolizes what you believe it does, and nothing else. If you see it for what it is, a piece of cloth, it has no more power.

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