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X-tra credit homework help... social studies?

help me with as many as possible plz

*One-third of all generals who served in the Civil War graduated from what military academy?

*Julia Ward Howe wrote a famous Civil War song that is still popular today. Name that song.

*What small Northern state was the first to issue a call for black troops?

*Name the man who became General-in-Chief of the Union Army during the Civil War and was later a U.S. President.

*The Confederacy extented as far north geographically as the state of ___________.

*Where did Confederate president Jefferson Davis spend the first two years after the war ended?

*Two new states were admitted to the Union during the Civil War. Name these two states.

*Clara Barton, a nurse during the Civil War, later founded a famous organization that still exists today. Name this organization.

*Name the place and city where President Abraham Lincoln was shot by his assassin.

*Dorothea Dix served the Union during the Civil War as superintendent of female ____.

Ty for help

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    1) West Point Academy

    2) Battle Hymn of the Republic

    3) Massachusetts(?)

    4) Ulysses S. Grant

    5) Virginia(?)

    6) Fortress Monroe (off the coast of Virginia)

    7) Nevada and West Virginia

    8) American Red Cross

    9) Ford's Theatre; Washington, D.C.

    10) Army Nurses

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    a million) In God We believe 2) ? 3) Thanksgiving 4) Die 5) They the two lost youthful little ones (Lincoln: Willie; Davis: Joseph and Evan) 6) Jefferson Davis 7) Robert E. Lee (accomplice) surrendered to Ulysses S. supply (Union) 8) Arlington residing house

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