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Cotton Socks?

Why is it unadvisable to run in cotton socks?

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    I haven't ever heard of this. I have always been told that cotton allows your skin to breathe. So I found a site and here is what they have to say on cotton socks. When running, do not wear 100-percent cotton socks. Cotton socks absorb moisture which can cause your feet to develop blisters.

  • Rex T
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    Cotton absorbs sweat and allows air to get to your skin, so I would think it is the best for running. Where does it say is is not advisable?

    I think someone on the web is trying to sell "running socks". I used to run a lot and blisters were not a problem with cotton socks and good running shoes.

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    I've always herd just the opposite. I wear 2 pair of socks when I run or work.

  • Anonymous
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    It definitely gets your feet wet and the like, but do you think they will hinder your performance in track events such as the 800m?

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    They don't let your skin breath well. Nothing will happen, but there are better fibers out there that help keep your skin drier.

    Wet skin can cause blisters and smelly skin/feet.

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    they will make your feet stink

    same with colord socks

    idk y

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