Literary Criticism of Abraham Lincoln?

Does anybody know any literary criticisms of Abraham Lincoln that they could link me to. If its the name of the book could you give me a really short summary of what it critisizes. Thanks a lot!

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    Abraham Lincoln was quite interested in litereary criticism. I'm not sure if you're referring to this or to critiques of Lincoln's works.

    "Lincoln’s schooling was so slight as to be almost nil. He did not grow up in a literary atmosphere. But in the matter of his official utterances he must be compared with the ablest geniuses and most cultured scholars that have preceded him, and not merely with his early associates. He is to be measured with Washington, the Adamses, Jefferson, and not with the denizens of Gentryville or New Salem.

    "Perhaps the best study of his keenness of literary criticism will be found in his correction of Seward’s letter of instruction to Charles Francis Adams, minister to England, under date of May 21, 1861. Seward was a brilliant scholar, a polished writer, a trained diplomatist. If any person were able to compose a satisfactory letter for the critical conditions of that period, he was the one American most likely to do it. He drafted the letter and submitted it to Lincoln for suggestions and corrections. The original manuscript with Lincoln’s interlineations, is still preserved, and facsimiles, or copies, are given in various larger volumes of Lincoln’s biography. This document is very instructive. In every case Lincoln’s suggestion is a marked improvement on the original. It shows that he had the better command of precise English. Lowell himself could not have improved his criticisms. It shows, too, that he had a firmer grasp of the subject. Had Seward’s paper gone without these corrections, it is almost certain that diplomatic relations with England would have been broken off. In literary matters Lincoln was plainly the master and Seward was the pupil." There's more at this link:

    You might also want to check out this book:

    Abraham Lincoln: THE EVOLUTION OF HIS LITERARY STYLE by Daniel Dodge.

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