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Jesus and John Smith in Mormonism?

In Mormonism what are the roles of Jesus and John Smith? I heard that God was not happy with what Jesus did so he sent John Smith. Is this right? If not can you clarify this for me? Please not ridculosy long answers. A paragraph of two would do just fine. Thanks!


whoops. I knew something in there ws a little strange. I meant JOSEPH Smith...

Update 2:

I'm not looking for a lecture about why mormonism is wrong. So if thats all you have to say, don't answer. ok?

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    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was restored by Joseph Smith. This is Christ's church on the earth - note the name!

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    In Mormonism, Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind. Jesus Christ died on the cross and atoned for the sins of all. He was resurrected and is the only savior.

    Joseph Smith was a prophet, but not a savior. There was an apostasy awhile after the Resurrection of the Savior. The apostasy was when the priesthood keys of the true faith were lost on the Earth. Had Heavenly Father had another prophet after they were lost, he would have been killed. Fast forward to the 1800s. Joseph Smith is a man who has been visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ telling him that no church is correct.

    Later, an angel called Moroni comes to Joseph and leads him to the golden plates that will soon be the Book of Mormon. With help of his wife, Emma, Joseph translates them and starts the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jesus Christ's true church.

    Jesus Christ was the savior, but Joseph was the restored prophet. When he died there was a new prophet, and when he died there was new prophet, etc. Each one has been called of God.

    I tried to make my answer short for you, so sorry if it seems a bit choppy and ill-informative.

    Source(s): I'm Mormon/LDS with a testimony of the savior and the prophet.
  • What you heard was incorrect. We believe that God has always and will always direct His people through prophecy and revelation (even He said He doesn't do anything without telling the prophet about it). Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. Joseph Smith was a prophet. His role in our church is like any other prophet's--to pass on to the world the direction of God for our time.

    Many people criticize him, saying that because policies in the church have changed over time, he must have been a false prophet, but they forget that not every direction or prophecy was valid for every people in every time. If that were the case, we would all be building boats instead of homes (Noah), killing our firstborn son (Abraham), trying to leave Egypt (Moses), dreaming about cows and corn (Joseph), and many more strange things. The prophecies God sends are specific for the time and people He sends them to. Many of them are for future generations, but many are time-specific, where the intent is to meet the needs of the people of that time. It is through the guidance and direction of both the prophet and our personal revelation that we determine which is which.

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    Where did get this answer? God wasn't happy with Jesus so he need to bring John er Joseph Smith/

    No...Jesus is the one who made Joseph Smith a prophet of his.

    It's the creeds and man made doctrines of the reformation and the catholic church that created the apostasy in the church, so Jesus needed a restoration of his church and he called on Joseph Smith to restore the church to what it should be.

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    The role of Jesus in Mormonism is:

    Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God the Father in the flesh. He was the Creator, He is our Savior, and He will be our Judge. Under the direction of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ created the earth. Through His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and by giving His life on the cross—that is, by performing the Atonement—Jesus Christ saves us from our sins as we follow Him. Through His Resurrection, Jesus Christ saves us from physical death. Because He overcame death, we will all be given the gift of resurrection.

    Joseph Smith - Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ restored the fulness of the gospel. The true Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. Because of the Restoration, the teachings and ordinances necessary for salvation are available to all people.

    It was not that God was not happy with what Jesus did, it was more the unhappiness that men had corrupted the doctrine and teaching of Christ's church - changing ordinances - and thus effecting the great apostasy wherein was lost the authority/priesthood of God.

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    Well, Joseph Smith Jr claimed to have been visited by god the Father and Jesus Christ and authorized to start the church because it had fallen away from the true church that Jesus had started when he was on Earth. I never heard that god the father was upset at Jesus....Jesus had "hung in there" just fine.

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    Boy, I don't know who ever told you that. Mormons don't think of Joseph (not John) Smith as a replacement for Jesus Christ!

    That's the short answer to your question - just not true.

    According to mormons: J. Smith is the first latter-day prophet (and founder of the LDS church), whose mission was to restore the original Christian church, said to have been lost soon after the death of the Apostles, which caused an apostasy.

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    To Mormons, and I am one, Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer. Jesus sacrificed his life that all mankind might have eternal life. It is because of the love, grace and atonement of Christ, we can have life everlasting in the world to come.

    Just like Moses, Abraham, Noah, Isaiah and other prophets, we believe that God calls prophet is our day as well as in those days of old. Joseph Smith is seen as a prophet of God, appointed by God to receive his words.

    Joseph Smith's main role as a prophet was to "restore" the true gospel of Jesus Christ, that Christ himself established when he was on earth. Thru a general apostasy, the true gospel was taken off of the earth. Joseph Smith, through the power and revelations from God, helped restore Christ's church again to the earth.

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    God was absolutely proud of His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. He accepted all that Christ did, and Christ did all that He asked of him to do. Sadly, after Christ had ascended into heaven and continued to guide his Church through the twelve Apostles, there were still persecutions and the leaders of the Church were killed. The world entered into a state of darkness without men of God on earth to guide us. Eventually, when humanity was ready, God called another witness, Joseph Smith... and through him He restored His Gospel and the way in which we can live happily in this life, and the authority to act in His name.

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    Well Jesus was of course the Son of God - and John Smith was a pilgrim from England who fell in love with Pocahontas!!!

    Even if you had the name right, what you heard is not correct.

    God was pleased with what Jesus did, but because of the schisms and the murders of the apostles, Joseph said God and Jesus told him that the priesthood was taken away from the earth.

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