Bars near Petco Park in San Diego?

I have 2 friends coming from home (Boston) and I got us tickets to the padres game on Thursday. So I was wondering what is the best bar to go to after padres game? Or what is the best bar on Thursdays in that area? or If you could just put me in to right direction. My friends defiantly like to have a good time and talk to alot of women so a place that attracts alot of girls would be sweet. Let me know! Thanks!

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    Hmm My favorite types of questions...

    Do you only want bars? No, night clubs? I'm guessing that since you guys will be stumbling into the bar after a padres game you may not be all extra dressed up... so....

    The closest bar to Petco Park is still right there in the East Village. It's called Basic. If you want more of a cool bar vibe this is a great place to go that's close to the ballpark. During the day it's a sweet pizza joint (the pizzas there are ridiculously huge and so good- I don't even like pizza, but I'll eat theirs), and at night it turns into a really hip, cool, bar. The vibe is really laid back, but still has that urban downtown feel. It'll start getting packed around 10:30p/11:00p. When I've been there, there were usually a lot of girls (bad for me, but good for you) and in general I think us San Diego girls are pretty good looking ;) - the website really doesn't do this place justice by the way.

    If you want something a little more upscale (which also means, a crappy cover at the door, it's worth it though) I'd also check out Stingaree. It's a little farther than Basic, I think, but still walking distance. Swanky bar with yummy drinks, cool rooftop area, and lots of gorgeous people. You just may want to have a button down shirt on when you go. :)

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    Dick's Last Resort

    Address: 4356 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

    Telephone: (619) 231-9100

    Open 11 AM - 2 AM

    Dick's Last Resort is a rowdy joint that has been a favorite since it was established in 1991. This is a popular hangout with fans before and after games at Petco Park. Enjoy eating lunch or dinner here as well as live rock bands every night.

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    Dress up just slightly and head to the roof (outside) at J-Six. It is a block from the stadium and is guaranteed to have women. There are fire pits and all of the palm trees are lit with cool colored lighting. Also a very unique/memorable place to bring friends.

    It is in the Hotel Solamar at the corner of 6th and J streets, just down from the stadium. You go into the hotel and take an elevator to the fourth floor.

    Have fun!

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    I'll make it real easy. Just click on this

    You'll love it!!

    Here's another one you will like. If you live in the area it is a free magazine available at most 7-11's. But the site is just as good!!

    It's the best source of info on what is going on in san diego.

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