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if you are a believer and also believe in intelligent life outside our planet, do you?

think those beings, aliens, or whatever you want to call them, worship Jesus?

if you believe in creationism, isn't too cheap to think that god only made this planet with the necessary for life, he must made at least another one, since he is almighty and the universe is infinite, it would be too much space wasting, uh?

so, if there's life in another planet, you think those habitants worship the same god we do?

they worship jesus, the son of god, which is an alien for them? or god would have another son with a being from there?

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    E.T. will never dare set foot on this planet, we nailed our God to the cross. How much more we could harm them?

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    If I was living on another planet the death of Jesus on Earth would not mean anything to me. How would I even know he existed?? The impact of the crucifiction was that Jesus died at the cost of the sins of the people who lived here, on Earth. IF there are other life forms (I do not think they exist), they would have to know about Jesus inorder to worship Him. How they would get the message from Earth is beyond me. In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. Not heavens and some other planet; just earth. But again if God decided to make those "aliens" sure they would worship Him, those aliens don't exist though so I'm afraid that's an impossibility.

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    They say the Greys visiting our world worship The One, we call God. But thier idea of morality is a little different than ours.

    I think they are creating hybrid humans to help repopulate the Earth after the World Cataclysm that is to come. This is

    a Karmic thing for them. As they destroyed many lives in our Solar System long ago during a war over the Earth, with the Yellow peoples that lived on Mars. And the Red peoples who lived on Marduk. A planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter.

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    If there is life on another forgot to ask whether it could be the heaven described in the bible...which is also a possibility...

    If life does exist somewhere else in the is possible they worship the same God that we do...whether or not they needed the redemption of Jesus is something only God knows...

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    I imagine two pioneers meeting for the first time on an uninhabited planet they found: one from Earth and the other from somewhere else.

    The Earthman shows the alien Jesus, and an amazed alien shows the Earthman the same scriptures and lessons from someone on his home world.

    Both depart immediately to their respective home worlds with the New Good News.

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    Interesting question. I'd have to say that IF intelligent life was created on a planet other than this one, their religious beliefs would be impossible to discern. Our need for Jesus was our original (and persistent...) sin against God. If He had created others on other planets, who knows - they may have done a much better job of obeying.

    Either way, I'm fairly certain they still watch Nascar. It IS the universal sport.

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    The universe is finite, is extremately big and expanding, but not infinite. Not sure if there is life, less intelligent life out there. In the case it exists:

    * they were created by Jesus.

    * we do not know their salvation status.

    *** Probably their Adam & Eve did not faiol their test and therefore they live in armony with God not needing a Saviour like us.

    *** If they fell we do not know if God provided them a salvation plan identical to ours.

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    I had a grade-school teacher in the Christian school I attended who enjoyed speculation about this subject. He went so far as to wonder whether somewhere, they were living in the sinless perfection of the Garden of Eden.

    I guess I have never really cared much about this, because I am more concerned about the space in my brain than I am outer space.

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    God created this world and repented that he did it

    it became so evil like today,,so here we go again

    God will destroy this earth and we will die, but live on in

    eternity,,if God had made another planet, he would have

    said so,,so no I do not believe there is another.

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    I used to believe in intelligent life on Earth, but your *questions* convinced me I was wrong.

    Hope that helped.

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