Anyone ever tasted Lee chocolates made by a syrian company?

I had some in Jordan, and after we returned to the states, I researched them. I cannot find them anywhere else except Syria. These were the best tasting chocolates I have ever had. I think Godiva are pretty good, but these far surpass them. I was wondering if anyone else has found a place here in the states to purchase them? Otherwise I have to wait until friends are flying overseas and send money with them to purchase some. We tried that with a friend who went to Jordan recently, but they would not accept his us dollars since the value keeps dropping, they didn't know what it would be worth the next day!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To the best of my knowledge, Lee chocolate is only sold in Syria (you can find them easily enough in any chocolate store, but outside Syria I doubt you'd find a place that sells 'em).

    Source(s): 17 years of living in the Middle East (14 of those years in Syria)
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