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Holocaust overrated?

I do not understand why do we have to learn about it from grade school till college! I mean other genocides have happend even before Holocoust around the world but we don't hear about them! if the purpose of learning about it is to stop others from happening in the future then how come we r not doing enough in Africa? I am wondering if the purpose of leanring about the Holocaust is actually to hate Germans and a jewish propaganda since they owe most of the media and i guess they got influence on schools too

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    partly right. but there's another thing. in my opinion, presumed that you are american, is that germany did get awfully close to becoming the only world power back then. so your government emphasizes on things that will make us look bad, with the holocaust as their example. the same thing happened with the russians and communists. look at it this way, when hitler was in power, he showed propaganda films depicting the superiority of the "aryan race". stalin aired propaganda depicting the superiority of the communist regime. the chinese air propaganda depicting mao as the greatest person that ever lived. and all these people and their systems degrade other people, races, or political systems. the same thing is true with your democratic government. just because they "keep the peace" doesnt mean that they see themselves as something superior. the power struggle just appears with different levels of violence.

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    No, it isn't overrated as it was the first time in history that an entire industry was created to systematically murder people.

    As an example, the genocides that have happened in Africa recently, didn't build gas chambers for the sole purpose of efficiently exterminating and entire population. Yes, millions were killed, but not nearly as many as in the Holocaust and not so systematically. It was much more "hit and miss" than the Holocaust. The Nazis shipped Jews to the camps like they were shipping potatoes to market, except the Jews were going to their deaths.

    Moreover, unlike the other genocides you speak of, the Nazis kept meticulous records of what they did. Naturally, many of those records didn't survive because at the sign of being captured they destroyed the evidence that could be used against them, but some have survived.

    The Nazis also redistributed things like glasses or shoes that the Jews arrived wearing, the used their skin to make lamp shades, the systematically removed the gold from their teeth and melted it down to use it again. None of this has happened in those other genocides and it had never happened before in the history of the world. THAT'S why it's so important to learn and remember!

    I'm not saying that genocide in any form is acceptable or should be forgotten. What I am trying to point out is that the Holocaust was extraordinary in history. That's why people were so shocked. That's why we continue to learn about it. People have been murdering others since the beginning of time, but never in such a systematic, industrial way.

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    I agree with the answers above, that the Holocaust is so widely acknowledged because it was focused on a specific group of people because of a) their religion b) they didn't fit the "master race". Another reason I think, is because it's easy to compare to our own lives. It wasn't that long ago, and what's more is that it happened in a country of people exactly like us, because people who live today can see themselves in people of the past. Think about Darfur, and Rwanda, I feel for and want to stop all genocides but how can possibly relate to that? Africa seems like a different world than that of what many of us in America and other democracies in the world live. But Germany hit closer because their way of life seems so much like ours. It happened amongst people like me.

    And I do think the point of it is to try to educate kids into wanting to prevent future genocides. However, you're one hundred percent right in saying that Holocaust education isn't doing enough. But the idea of it is to say "look at what can happen when people don't speak up for their neighbors", they teach it with the hope that kids will listen and then look at the suffering in Darfur, with the hope that they will want to help end it.

    I hope that helps?

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    Your statement tells me that you do not know anything about the Holocaust. I am Jewish and my own grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. A lot of my relatives were killed my Nazis during the Holocaust and my great-grandfather survived the death camp called " Nikolaev" in Ukraine. About 6 million Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust in most brutal ways imaginable. They were treated worse than African slaves in America. Nazi goal was to exterminate the Jews and American's goal was to have free labor force, with no intend to commit genocide. They have a moral right to teach about Holocaust, so that those atrocities never happen again.

    What is happening in Africa is terrible, but it's incomparable to the Holocaust. Nazis considered Jews subhuman and killed them in most brutal ways imaginable. What is happening in Africa is ethic conflicts that are result of colonial powers drawing up the boarders of Africans countries at Berlin Conference in 1884-85.

    Most Jewish people do not hate Germans. We understand a difference between a Nazi and a German. You should actually research what happened during the Holocaust before you make such uneducated statements about it.

    Jews control the media? Then why did majority of liberal media during the second Lebanon war had a biased reports against Israel.

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    Tiger you sound angry :( Lisa is asking a question to find out more answers. That's all. Your right about the Holocaust in Germany and yes there were about 6 Million killed, but there were more than that killed in Africa, there Holocaust was before Hitler was born and there were well over 6 million killed, a killing is a killing whether it ethnic, political, or not, and no Lisa I don't think all Jews hate the Germans.

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    Lisa I think you have a good understanding of what is going on. I suggest you read Norman Finklestein's The Holocaust Industry. Here are a couple of good sites for you to take a look at.

    Youtube thumbnail

    One other thing. Don't think that Jews only hate Germans. They hate all non Jews.

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    May I recommend a couple of DVD's for you to watch before you say any more on this subject.

    One is called, "KZ" and the other is, "Soha" by Steven Spilberg. They are very eye opening films and will give you a better understanding of what went on during the Holocaust.

    I am not Jewish but really feel a deep empathy for their suffering,I am sure you will understand more after you educate yourself.

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