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看得有點不是很懂,可以幫忙翻一下嗎? 尤其是第一句 was founded in 2003 ,下一句又說超過35年經驗....

IVC Displays was founded in 2003 by executives with over 35 years experience in the industrial market place. IVC brings this experience in industrial PCs and operator interface to offer products that open the proprietary OI market to the network and internet. IVC brings these simple to use products directly to the customer to provide the best price/value in rugged hardware.

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    Let me clarify the first sentence for you. The executives founded the IVC Displays in 2003. Those executives have combined over 35 years of experience in the industrial marketplace (specifically in industrial PCs and operator interface).

    I think the rest of the sentences are easy to understand. Sorry, I cannot type in Chinese as I am in the US and don't have the proper software to do so.

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