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設計就像是觸犯一樣,是去介入改善設計且得到更好的設計品質,是與客戶、工作伙伴,接觸、碰撞出新想法新概念,以TRUE FUN的態度,改變世界的不美麗,用繽紛的維他命色系,彩繪灰黑白。




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    Design and seem to offend against, go to get involved to improve designing and get better design quality, and customer, job partner, exposed to, collide, happen new idea new concept, with attitude of TRUE FUN, change world beautiful, use the vitamin color department in riotous profusion, the color is painted gray and black-and-white.

    One pair of brands extends its meaning, ' GUM ' extends the spirit offended against, originally associates it with the dirty word that lets people not feel respectful and does in order to offend against, it is annotated the chewing gum with GUN that Great Britain translates, and Lenovo means for interesting GUM Chinese, chewing gum characteristic stuck to have relate with glue, develop glue spoil woman relevant love serial item.

    Do not want to be limited by in the inspiration that the customer requires the limitation once in a while as the designer, it is solved and implemented and expressed boldly and unrestrainedly that intention and idea of the powerful and unconstrained style want Shu, born, appear ' GUM ' first parts of theme [glue spoil woman ] love card make, can continue, put out other theme series also in the future. Make this serial goods, the form of the card, as the main fact with the stereoscopic card in the form of card this time, utilize card transmit glue spoil woman's hope to the love and yearn for.

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    Designing is a kind of offense. One needs to step in a design in order to improve it and achieve better quality. Through contacts and collisions with clients and work partners, new ideas and new concepts are generated. With the attitude of TRUE FUN, the unbeautifulness in the world is changed. Gray, black and white are replaced by vibrant vitamin colors.

    In the same spirit, the sub-brand GUM a continuation of the offense. At first, it reminds people of a Chinese profanity with similar pronunciation of GUN. Then there is the fun association of GUM and chewing gum. The sticky chewing gum is related to rubber/glue or Jiao (meaning: pampered, delicate) in Chinese. The whole "love" product lines for Jiao Jiao Nu (pampered and delicate women) are thus developed.

    As a designer, one sometimes wants to break the boundaries set by the clients. Wild creativity and thoughts need to be liberated, realized and expressed. That is the background of the first theme of GUM - Jiao Jiao Nu - love cards. There will be other themes in the future. This series is about 3D cards and uses cards to show Jiao Jiao Nu's longing and aspiration toward love.

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    第二段第一行 the sub-brand GUM a continuation of the offense. 中間少了一個 is... 正確的應該是 the sub-brand GUM is a continuation of the offense.

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