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What is the title of the song in the Holiday??

Its the song when Kate Winslet is narrating in the VERY begining. It starts out with Jack Black playing the piano, then she goes on and she quotes Shakspear.

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    Ryeland Allison Additional Music

    Lorne Balfe Additional Music

    Henry Jackman Additional Music

    Atli Orvarsson Additional Music

    Heitor Pereira Additional Music

    Henry Jackman Soloist (Piano)

    Heitor Pereira Soloist (Guitar)

    Suzanne Zimmer Soloist (Vocals)

    Hans Zimmer Soloist (Piano)

    Rupert Gregson Williams Music Conductor

    Alan Meyerson Mixer

    Suzette Moriarty Music Orchestrater

    Walter Fowler Music Orchestrater

    Dana Millman-DuFine Music Consultant

    Amore Orchestra Leader

    Thomas Broderick Technical Score Engineer

    Pete Snell Technical Score Engineer

    Zain Effendi Technical Score Engineer

    Mark Wherry Technical Score Advisor

    Sandy DeCresent Music Contractor

    Peter Rotter (II) Music Contractor

    Hans Zimmer Music

    Nick Angel Music Supervisor

    Daniel E. Pinder Music Editor

    Andrew Silver (II) Music Editor

    Ramiro Belgardt Music Editor

    Ryan Rubin (II) Music Editor

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