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What does "que veut (or veux.. I forget which one they used) dire" mean?

I'm pretty sure the veut/veux thing is "to want".

Then "dire" is "to say".

Then isn't "que" "what"?

It's in the instructions for my French homework (which is extra credit), and I can't figure it out.

Under it, it has a bunch of quotes (in French) that have something to do with the movie we just watched, if that will help to explain what "que veut dire" means.


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    It depends on which conjugation of "vouloir" is used. I would guess that it said "que veut dire," which is a common expression that means "what it means" or "what does it mean." The subject (it) is implied.

    "Que veut dire _______?" means "what does ____mean?

    This exercise is perhaps asking you "what do these quotes mean" or asking you to interpret their significance.


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    Dire Meaning

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    English translation for: Que veut dire.........?

    WHAT DOES................MEAN?

    Source(s): I am a french native speaker
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    que veut dire doesnt make sense

    que alone means that and what ever follows a que must be a subject and not a verb if a verb follows it it goes to qui

    ce que means what

    but still it wouldnt make sense.

    it couldve been ce que je veux dire - what i want to say or ce qu'il veut dire - what he wants to say

    otherwise that statement you said was wrong

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    yeah it means what :)

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