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When a Christians says, “you need to believe in God before he will answer your prayers,” is this like saying…?

“One needs to be deluded first in order to believe in delusion”?

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    It's like saying buy and pay for this car first and then I may give you a guarantee which I may honour now, in the future, or never.

  • Yes - if you believe Christians are deluded (which I know you do), then that could be a decent analogy.

    I don't buy the whole argument that God is only "obligated" to answer the prayers of Christians. I think it's a crock and a load of horse hockey. God isn't "obligated" to do anything - He's God!! He can do whatever He likes and answer whomever's prayers He wants to!! The fact of the matter is this: God hears all prayers. God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is "no" - even if it was a prayer said by a Christian. The very idea that God is only obligated to answer the prayers of Christians just seems to put a constraint on His power - but God's power has no constraints. That is why I don't necessarily believe that only active and practicing Christians go to Heaven - God can save whomever He wants to and if He wants to, He will do it gosh darn it. And He doesn't have to tell us why either.


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    Christians only pray to God, not to any other god. Can a christian direct to Jesus our Lord and Saviour this prayer? That is the question, if something in the prayer contradicts Jesus teachings, then the answer is no. English is not my first language, I have a few doubts on the meaning of some parts of the prayer: * Why is "Great Compassion" capitalized in the first line? Is that reffering to a budist god or another concept? Could I change those two words by JesusChrist? * The words "equality of all beings" include human equal to plants? to animals? If true, a christian can not pray this. No offense, but I'm not equal to a apple tree or a whale. Can I change that to all humans are equal? Do you agree? * What means Namu Amida Butsu? Can I change that by Amen? We pray for peace to Jesus.

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    Being a theist, I will disagree with the delusional part..

    However, those Christians who say that are portraying Christianity and God in a very arrogant light. It's like saying God cares not for those who do not believe. If any Christian says that, I'd say, "But if I'm praying, isn't the fact that I'm praying a testimony to my belief in God after all?"

    Really, they give this argument but they mean:

    "If you're not a Christian like ME and MY CHURCH and MY PASTOR define 'Christian' to be, then God will not answer a single one of your prayers. Be like us, or you'll be sorry!"

    BALONEY. God listens and answers. Not only that, who the hell is anyone to speak for God? Can a Christian read a person's heart, deep down inside where no one can see? Are Christians given special eyes to see and special ears to hear?

    Only God can judge the heart. Christians haven't the capacity.

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    No that is like saying you have to follow God for Him to hear your prayer. The only thing God will answer unless you a Christian is the prayer for forgiveness.

  • No. It's like saying you need to have spaghetti before you can make beef stroganoff.

    It makes no sense.

    You DON'T need to believe in God before he will answer your prayers. You simply need to ask with your whole heart.

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    yep, exact same thing

    they want to make you feel sad about not being able to get prayers answered or some BS.

    If you believe in God, you can move least that is what Jesus said....

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    Yes, except they like to cover the word delusion with flowers and perfume until it looks just like the word faith.

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    They understand the end results without truly understanding why. You see, our needs have already been seen to. Therefore, your prayers and needs are already met.

    The problem is, you cannot access those fulfillments without the power of God and that power resides on this world, in the believer.

    What that means is, without the Holy spirit dwelling in you, you don't possess the power to access the answers.

    Boiled down, that means you have to be a child of God before your prayers are answered.

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    I though it was more of a bribe like: You gotta love me and i'll give you money

    and yes it's like saying that also like saying 'when you're blinded by faith you can't realise your praying to darkness'

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