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If Bush has committed all these crimes and so on... why aren't the libs and dems smart enough to?

charge him with any of it? Do they not have lawyers and scholars that should be able to build the case? After all... all the smart libs on Y/A can. Should the party be enlisting the help of this forum? I mean come on... they have had 8 years to bring him to justice... nearly two years where they control Congress. Why can't they get it done? Is that Dumb ol' George Bush just too smart for them?


Exactly Dave W. He has commited NO crime. Just the reveared hatred from the left. Don't you just love it?

Update 2:

Quinn... I know... and it pained me to write it.

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    Especially considering that he has been made out to be practically retarded.

    That really doesn't say much for the party that has been beaten in two elections and outsmarted in every congressional battle by him for the past 8 years.

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    The crimes that a US President can be charged with are fairly narrow: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

    If telling political lies was a crime, what politician would not be in jail ? And, theres one thing with having a majority in the House and the Senate, and its something else to have a veto proof majority, which the Democrats don't have in either house.

    Plus, an impeachment of Bush would look, to a lot of US voters, as a kind of "payback" for the attempt to impeach Clinton. That could backfire, politically, in a big way.

  • America forever: I love it someone else who knows the left side defense policies (ignore and it will go away) and not to mention a majority of the money that President Bush has spent has been on mops to clean up the oval office after that 8 year joke that some people refer to as the clinton administration (no I didn't say that it was a funny joke either)

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    If you are an American, then you don't know enough about how your government works & need to study it a bit more! President Bush has committed no impeachable crime. Even if he had it would take a 2/3 rds majority in Congress to impeach him. The Democrats have a very slim majority in Congress, they need the help of the Republican Congress to vote with them to impeach, they would not get it! All people who think that this slim majority that the Democrats have in Congress makes them responsible for all of the junk that is going on in this country, had better study how Congress works also!

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    Well, to answer your query simply, a lot of the democrats (who received campaign donations from the same people who bought and paid for the republicans) voted for the war and are complicit in the crimes that the Bush administration committed. Unfortunately, there are too few truly progressive politicians on Capitol Hill to launch meaningful investigations on the Bush administration.

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    George Bush is only Guilty of putting America's safety first. the democrats just hate him because he don't take their junk. I respect the man highly.

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    Democrats appeal to the HATERS and say things like that, but he has'nt committed any crimes, unless of course you disagree with his policies. It gives insight that SOME, NOT ALL Dems will criminalize actions against the policies of a differing party. But republicans do it to now, as much as I HATE certain actions (flag-burning, idol destruction etc.)politically motivated protests, it is their right to do so, and they shouldnt be criminalized.

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    Face it,Irrational hatred blinds them to their emotions of what reminds them what they hate,and what they dont posess as human beings and American citizens

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    They probably will, do not worry.

    There was a no impeachment during wartime promise made.

    Should they go back on that?

    Easy enough to charge crimes if any later.

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    Every case they've brought against GWB has been thrown out by the court.

    Guess they have nothing on him after all.

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