should i be a united american sales rep??

I recently got contacted for a job selling insurance that I had not applied for. They got my resume through career builder. It is called united american health insurance. I went to the interview even though I have no experience or education. They say I am hired but need to get my license first. This total process is 400 dollars. I have no money. So before I borrow money i want to know is this legit. Some key points are

1. I have seen a tremendous amount of bad reviews about this company.

2. They contact people online with no experience.

3. Several people walked out of the interview process.

4. This job involves cold calling and is strictly commision providing the agent with no benifits.

5. The agents pays all expenses including gas money to meet with the clients

They were saying how much potential income i could make.. but i am skeptical..please help

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    Hi! In answer to your question NO, you should not take the position with United American.

    Any legitimate insurance company that employs full time agents pays them a base salary. You are expected to sell and make more than your base salary and build your business.

    The base salary is just to get you started. If you do not produce sales for the company then they generally let you go.

    Also, any legitimate insurance company also has a benefit package with health insurance, 401k, etc.

    Using your own car and own gas is normal, but you have to keep your own mileage records for all of the miles driven while you were working. At the end of each year these miles are tax deductable from your federal income tax.

    Some companies may help with paying for gas today, but it's always been the norm for you to keep mileage records and deduct it from your federal taxes.

    Also, any legitimate insurance company reimburses your tuition for the insurance license class after you pass the examination and once they hire you.

    If you were wanting to take the class on your own, just to have a health and life insurance license and then go to an insurance company and seek a job. They probablly wouldn't reimburse your class fee.

    But United American wants to hire you and needs you to have your license---so they should be willing to reimburse you for the cost of the class once you pass your exam and are eligible for your life and health insurance license.

    I hope this helps you! I used to be a life and health insurance agent with American General Life and Accident Insurance Company. Insurance is not an easy sell. People are very smart and there are so many companies and alot of competition.

    The best thing I can recommend regarding employment with the insurance business would be to try to get a job with American Family or All State or State Farm.

    Property and Casualty Insurance is a better market, because people need it the most. Have you ever had an insurance agent showing up at your door or calling you on the phone trying to sell you car or house insurance?

    NO, Why? People end up contacting them. It's always better to have a product that people need so much that they end up getting in touch with you. But the companies I mentioned above also have life and health insurance too!

    And their agents are licensed in everything.

    Pretty smart huh? While they get your car or house insurance policy going they generally ask a question or two about any other types of insurance you might be interested in.


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    I'm with the other guy---NO! You sound very smart, so I'm willing to bet you can do much better.

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