Although I am not an "Idol" fan, I have been struck by the similarity of Michael Johns and Hillary Clinton and

how America really seems to respond to the whole "who needs our help" and who is strong enough to go without our support. This Michael guy was obviously the best performer yet he's the one to go; Hillary has the most experience and the most verifiable background yet....

What is your opinion? This isn't a Love Hillary/Hate BO or Love BO/Hate Billary question. I genuinely would like to know if anyone else sees this tendency within American culture at large.


People- I'm not saying Hillary is the best candidate.

Update 2:

Added: I'm sorry I wasn't more specific. Michael Johns seemed to be the most "together" contestant; he wasn't rushed to the hospital, he didn't have a fear of being photographed or interviewed etc. He seemed to be the most talented and the best sounding which seems to have worked to his detriment as Americans appear to have thought "oh, well...he doesn't need my (individual) help so I'm going to help the sickly one instead" which enough people collectively thought, thus he was voted low due to his competency.

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  • Sean B
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    1 decade ago
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    You mentioned Michael Johns once in that whole argument, sop I still have yet to see how he is simillar to Hillary. What you just said makes hardly any sense.

    EDIT: Ok, you obviously don't watch the show then. Everyone, in some way or another, isn't normal. So what if Jason is nervous about giving interviews? You don't vote him off because of it. David Cook is one of the best singers on the show, he's in it because he sings well! Sure, it's sad that his brother Adam is in the hospital, but that has no affect on people throwing a vote his way. Michael was good, but he wasn't the best. He went home because he didn't have a great week, not because he's "normal". Don't compare Hillary to him when you don't even watch the show.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I sort of agree with the first guy. There is no way that Michael Johns is like that hick. The actual celebrity couple name for Hillary and Bill is HillBilly.

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