what is the best ecommerce / shopping cart solution for a small startup shop selling designer apparell?

we are considering volusion, oscommerce, yahoostores, prostores, magento. We want flexibility especially with the ability to make design changes + strong features and easy to manage u/i and backend.

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    1 decade ago
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    Go with a store that you have complete control over - one that you can install on YOUR domain name, on YOUR hosting.

    Of your list, Magento and osCommerce fit the bill. You cannot get more flexible than "open source" (meaning you can change up the code to suit your needs).

    Design wise, you are limited only by your skills and imagination. Here are some nice osCommerce sites which might give you a bit of inspiration;


    As you are a startup, you will proabby be wanting to keep costs low - so why not install osCommerce, have a play with it. Sure, it looks awful when first installed, but it's pretty simple to find a template or give it a design of your own (there are a couple of template systems available).

    Also, don't forget that os osCommerce has been going for so long, there are literally thousands of "add ons" available - the same cannot be said of Magento (yet!).

    My blog is at http://www.clubosc.com should you want to read a bit more about osCommerce or ask any in-depth questions, and I have a tutorial site at http://www.oscbooks.com


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    1 decade ago

    Paypal takes a lot of your money. Quikbooks is what I decided on. I am able to integrate it with the free version online. Now that is just a merchant account. I use godaddy.com to set up my shopping cart feature and it is compatible with the Quikbooks merchant account. The monthly fees are low and the percentage for each transaction that Quikbooks takes is small...well worth it. Yahoo stores and Ebay stores work as well but you won't make as large as a profit because they take a percentage.

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    1 decade ago

    Easy. Paypal - They have a online shopping cart system that is REALLY flexible. All it requires is a small Html code. Instead of paying hundreads on a php and mysql database system. If not maybe try www.clickbank.net I think is the link.

    they have a neat system too.

    But if you want to pay the outrages fees just go to a web design company.

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  • 1 decade ago

    get your brick and mortar store going

    smoothly for the first year and

    then, ask your local college if there

    is an IT student who can hook you

    up to a service's supplier for carts,

    and dynamic web site components.

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