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what type of tropical fish should i put in my 55 gallon tank?

I want to start a tropical tank and im wondering what type of fish should i put in there? I want it to look very colorful and not have it to be high maintanece.

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    Most maintenance would be doing 25% weekly water changes. Changing the filter feeding, treating for disease.

    If you want alot of fish and a variety of a selection. Stick with fish that grow 1-2" inches. With a non-aggressive tank, you can have more fish, than say a cichild tank.





    Upside down catfish


    yoyo loaches

    khuli loaches

    neon tetras

    cardinal tetras

    No Bala sharks, silver tipped sharks, oscars,catfish, or any type of cichilds.


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    4 years ago

    Since you are new at this I highly advise not going with cichlids. They may be colourful, but they're territorial and can be difficult to stock and manage unless you do some research first. It's also tough to get variety with them because of this territorial nature. As mentioned there is no reason why you can't go with goldfish just because some other people don't like them. A 55 gallon is certainly big enough to house 3 or 4 fancy goldfish. As far as Tropical fish go you have an unlimited selection. I recommend going to the store and writing down the names of some you like. Do NOT ask the fish store for advice or you'll become just another victim of ignorant and misleading advice. Instead, get back online and start researching the fish you like to see how big they get, what type of environment they need, and what is compatible with them. Don't rush the tank, but take your time and do it right the first time. Boring is in the eye of the beholder and it depends what you're looking for. The first mistake beginners make is that they think more variety leads to the nicer and less boring tank. This isn't necessarily so. A planted tank with 4 specimens of 8 different kinds of tetra's is not nearly as nice as a planted tank with 32 neon's (just as an example). If it were me and the idea was for a community I would do this: 1 largish group of a top dweller (example, danio or red tail rasbora). 1 largish group of a mid dweller (example, almost any smallish tetra) 1 largish group of bottom dweller (example, corydora catfish) 1 or 2 'centrepiece' fish (example, small to mid sized Gourami) As far as cycling goes, you don't need to cycle if you know how to do it right. If you ask the fish store for gravel or filter media from one of their tanks, take it home in a bag of fish water, and then put this into your own filter, you will be introducing live bacteria at the same time as the fish, which means the tank will already be cycled. Just make sure you don't add more fish then bacteria. Aside from that, research 'cycling aquarium' on google and the information available is unlimited. Last thing - don't forget to buy a book so you can learn not only how to set up the tank, but also how to maintain it. Anybody's tank should be worth weekly water changes and vacuuming to keep the water clean and stable and the fish at their healthiest.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have a ton of choices out their.... you could do what i was going to do, get a black veil angelfish (or the other ones bellow)

    Black - http://www.angelsplus.com/images/1bkd.jpg

    Marble - http://www.peteducation.com/images/articles/p_8974...

    SilverStriped - http://waynesworldangelfish.com/BlacklaceVeil3.jpg

    Males tend to fight so its best to only get one.

    As for other fish dwarf gourmis or other gourmais are great.... They are VERY colorful, you could get 5-6 of them. I would also recomend a gold nugget pleco

    Gold Nugget - http://www.somethingsphishy.com/images/L014%20GOLD...

    Dwarf Gourami - http://images.google.ca/images?gbv=2&hl=en&sa=X&oi...

    Then you could get a small school of neon tetras, they look a little bland in pikcs but they are very cool to watch. Stay away from barbs they tend to fin nip :(....

    here is a GREAT site to see the different kinds of fish out there....


    it shows min requirments along with how big they will get (55 tank you could have a total of 55inches of fish, (1 inch per gallon) so for example angelfish grow up to 7inches so that would leave you with 48, gouramis grow up to 3-4 so you would keep nocking it off... and so on)... you could also do a chichilid tank but that involves alot more work and you can ONLY have chicilids in their as they are very agressive ot anything else but are very colorful.

    I hope this helps bud!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Before you worry about fish you need to make sure the tank has been cycled. Google "fishless cycle". That will give you about 6 weeks to decide on the fish you want to keep.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Get about 20 guppies, 5 males and 15 females,. they can do there thing, and youll have like 40 guppies very soon.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Angelfish, or research on chichlid tanks, thye arre BEAUTIFUL

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  • 1 decade ago

    Any that catch yur eye!

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