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Arriving in Dulles Airport 3:30pm... leaving at 9:30pm..enough to go to White House?

Im originally from Toronto and going to Japan. but i have a stop at Washington Dulles airport.

So when im coming back from Tokyo, Ill be arriving at Dulles at 3:30 pm... and leaving at 9:30pm...

thats 6 hours of boredom.

would that leave me enough time to maybe visit the White house? and get some pictures taken?

If not...any recommendations on what else I could do? :)

thank you.


i dont want to go inside whitehouse for TOURS.

i just want to get a picture taken infront of it, and just look at it from outside

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    Forget about the White House. Tours are only available by reservations through a US Congressman, and have to be scheduled way in advance.

    You have an option right there at Dulles. The Udvar-Hazy collection of the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum is located at the fringe of the airport property. See one of the IMAX movies, look around the collection, visit the gift shop, get a cold drink, and you've probably used up several hours.

    This link will get you info about the museum:

    Here's info from the website about how to get there from Dulles airport:

    Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD):

    To the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center:

    Shuttle Bus Service from Dulles International Airport to the Udvar-Hazy Center:

    Virginia Regional Transit (VRTA) provides connecting bus service between Dulles International Airport, Dulles Town Center and the Udvar-Hazy Center. Free transfers from other VRTA routes that transit the Dulles Town Center are available. Schedules, fares and information are available on the VRTA web site at More information: phone: 540-338-1610, email


    If you're really interested in just looking at the outside of the White House, you can certainly do that. There's a shuttle bus that will take you to a Metrorail station, from where you can get downtown from Dulles. Get off at the McPherson Square station and walk over to the White House and take pictures through the fence. You can also walk over to the National Mall and visit one or more of the Smithsonian Museums. Just keep your eye on the clock, and know the schedule for buses back to Dulles, adding in the time for the Metrorail portion of the trip.

    Here's a link to the shuttle bus service:

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    You couldn't take a tour, those aren't offered after 12:30 and must booked in advance. The visitors center closes a 4PM.

    If all you wanted was to see the outside you probably have plenty of time to do that. You would need to find transportation into Washington, Dulles is located quite a way outside of Washington. You also need to account for the time required to get through customs and you should be at the airport 2 hours before departure for an international flight. So you really only have 4 hours.

    All the government buildings are near the White House, so you could get pictures of many of them.

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    Not with traffic. I wouldn't chance it.

    There is a Smithsonian Air & Space museum close to Dulles. It's located in Chantilly, VA. That would be doable, but I wouldn't risk going to the District. Traffic can be a nightmare. It's a short drive, but that drive can take a couple hours if you get stuck.

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    sorry but no, you won't have enough time. The drive from Dulles to the center of DC takes about an hour, more if there is traffic.

    I'll try and think of something and post back but it isn't close to anything that I can think of off the top of my head

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