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what are some good hip hop songs.?

like real hip hop.

not chris brown, t-pain, 'flo-rida' or rihanna stuff.

im talking about hip hop with meanings

such as atmosphere, common, immortal technique, lupe fiasco, living legends, people under the stairs, zion i, etc

got anything?


thanks hip hop rent a cop, but i already like all atmosphere stuff.. haha it was just an example.

im just looking for some music in/around that genre.

Update 2:

lol...nevermind. i just got all the other stuff.

thanks soo much! :]]

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    here ya go:



    shoulda known

    little man

    get fly

    things that hate us

    full moon


    little math you

    free or dead

    woman with the tattooed hands

    god's bathroom floor




    the rooster


    party over here

    their all gonna laugh @ you

    brother ali:

    take me home

    uncle samm goddamm

    truth is

    self taught

    blah blah blah

    room with a view

    voices in my head

    picket fence

    del tha funkee homosapien:

    if you must

    sleepin on my couch



    style police

    slam dunk

    bubble pop



    the show

    we alright

    winds of change

    borrow you

    dont give up on us

    mahi vuh mahi

    make it better


    gangster @ss anthony

    early morning tony

    morris day

    the two

    another knight

    rick james

    they dont have thiss either

    woman tonight

    employees of the year

    you got ALL of it? oh well....

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Hey Ya-Andre 3000

    2. Roses-Andre 3000

    3. Sunshine-Atmosphere

    4. The Come Up-AZ

    5. Magic Hour-AZ

    6. The Essence-AZ

    7. Gimme Yours-AZ

    8. Uncut Raw-AZ

    9. Rather Unique-AZ

    10. Sugar Hill-AZ

    11. Mo Money Mo Murder-AZ

    12. How Ya Livin-AZ

    13. That's Real-AZ

    14. Problems-AZ

    15. You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party)-Beastie Boys

    16. No Sleep Till Brooklyn-Beastie Boys

    17. Brass Monkey-Beastie Boys

    18. The Royal Flush-Big Boi

    19. '98 Freestyle-Big L

    20. Fall Back-Big L

    21. Platinum Plus-Big L

    22. Da Graveyard-Big L

    23. MVP 2000-Big L

    24. Put It On-Big L

    25. Street Struck-Big L

    26. Still Not A Player-Big Pun

    27. I Tried-Bone Thugs N Harmony

    28. Look Into My Eyes-Bone Thugs N Harmony

    29. Thug Luv-Bone Thugs N Harmony

    30. Resurrection-Bone Thugs N Harmony

    31. Crossroads-Bone Thugs N Harmony

    32. Gangstas-Boyz N Da Hood

    33. Touch It Remix-Busta Rhymes

    34. The ***** In You-Common

    35. Resurrection-Common

    36. I Used To Love H.E.R.-Common

    37. Gangsta's Paradise-Coolio

    38. Insane In The Membrane-Cypress Hill

    39. I Wanna Get High-Cypress Hill

    40. Till We Get There-Dead Prez

    41. W-4-Dead Prez

    42. One More Road To Cross-DMX

    43. Party Up In Here-DMX

    44. We Right Here-DMX

    45. Slippin-DMX

    46. What's My Name-DMX

    47. Ruff Ryders Anthem-DMX

    48. Where The Hood At-DMX

    49. Lord Give Me A Sign-DMX

    50. Bring Your Whole Crew-DMx

    51. Ain't Nuthin But A 'G' Thang-Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg

    52. Xxplosive-Dr. Dre

    53. Still D.R.E.-Dr. Dre

    54. Forget About Dre-Dr. Dre

    55. The Next Episode-Dr. Dre

    56. Eazy-Duz-It-Eazy-E

    57. ****** Ain't Dead-Eazy-E

    58. Real Mothafuckin G's-Eazy-E

    59. Boyz N The Hood-Eazy-E

    60. Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street-Eazy-E

    61. Cleanin Out My Closet-Eminem

    62. Sing For The Moment-Eminem

    63. Without Me-Eminem

    64. Superman-Eminem

    65. Till I Collapse-Eminem

    66. When I'm Gone-Eminem

    67. Like Toy Soldiers-Eminem

    68. Mockingbird-Eminem

    69. Kill You-Eminem

    70. Stan-Eminem

    71. The Way I Am-Eminem

    72. The Real Slim Shady-Eminem

    73. Kim-Eminem

    74. Guilty Conscience-Eminem

    75. My Name Is-Eminem

    76. I Still Don't Give A ****-Eminem

    77. Lose Yourself-Eminem

    78. Follow The Leader-Eric B. & Rakim

    79. Paid In Full-Eric B. & Rakim

    80. Eric B. Is President-Eric B. & Rakim

    81. I Ain't No Joke-Eric B. & Rakim

    82. I Know You Got Soul-Eric B. & Rakim

    83. My Melody-Eric B. & Rakim

    84. The Bad Guy-Fabolous

    85. Can You Hear Me-Fabolous

    86. Breathe-Fabolous

    87. Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta-Geto Boys

    88. My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me-Geto Boys

    89. The Message-Grandmaster Flash

    90. Through The Night-Husalah

    91. Talk It Out-Husalah

    92. Fighting The Feds-Husalah

    93. Slap In The Trunk-Husalah

    94. The ***** ya Love To Hate-Ice Cube

    95. Amerikkka's Most Wanted-Ice Cube

    96. Once Upon A Time In The Projects-Ice Cube

    97. Jackin For Beats-Ice Cube

    98. Who's The Mack?-Ice Cube

    99. How To Survive In South Central-Ice Cube

    100. True To The Game-Ice Cube

    101. Check Yo Self-Ice Cube

    102. Wicked-Ice Cube

    103. It Was A Good Day-Ice Cube

    104. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It-Ice Cube

    105. Hello-Ice Cube

    106. Midnight-Ice T

    107. New Jack Hustler-Ice T

    108. Dance With The Devil-Immortal Technique

    109. The Point of No Return-Immortal Technique

    110. Industrial Revolution-Immortal Technique

    111. Iller Clip-The Jacka

    112. Song Cry-Jay-Z

    113. Dead Presidents-Jay-Z

    114. I Against I-Jedi Mind Tricks

    115. All Falls Down-Kanye West

    116. Through The Wire-kanye West

    117. Classic-Kanye West

    118. Roses-kanye West

    119. We Major-Kanye West

    120. Road To The Riches-Kool G Rap

    121. Real Hip-Hop-KRS-One

    122. I'm Still #1-KRS-One

    123. South Bronx-KRS-One

    124. The Bridge Is Over-KRS-One

    125. Black Cop-KRS-One

    126. MC's Act Like They Don't Know-KRS-One

    127. **** Tha World-Lil Wayne

    128. Something You Forgot-Lil Wayne

    129. Mr. Postman-Lil Wayne

    130. Pimpin All Over The World-Ludacris

    131. I Got Five On It-The Luniz

    132. Hip-Hop Saved My Life-Lupe Fiasco

    133. Intruder Alert-Lupe Fiasco

    134. Little Weapon-Lupe Fiasco

    135. He Say, She Say-Lupe Fiasco

    136. Sunshine-Lupe Fiasco

    137. Hurt Me Soul-Lupe Fiasco

    138. Streets On Fire-Lupe Fiasco

    139. You Can't Touch This-M.C. Hammer

    140. It's Raining Game-Mac Dre

    141. Oakland-Mac Dre

    142. Rapper's Island-Mac Dre

    143. Too Hard For The ****** Radio-Mac Dre

    144. My Chevy-Mac Dre

    145. I'm Too Thowed-Messy Marv

    146. Still Ballin-Messy Marv

    147. My Life's Like A Movie-Messy Marv

    148. Stimulation-Method Man

    149. Release Yo Delf-Method Man

    150. Survival of The Fittest-Mobb Deep

    151. The Start of Your Ending-Mobb Deep

    152. Hectic-Mobb Deep

    153. Shook Ones Pt. 2-Mobb Deep

    154. Eye For An Eye-Mobb Deep

    155. Hip-Hop-Mos Def

    156. Brooklyn-Mos Def

    157. Gangsta Gangsta-N.W.A.

    158. 100 Miles And Running-N.W.A.

    159. Straight Outta Compton-N.W.A.

    160. **** Tha Police-N.W.A.

    161. Express Yourself-N.W.A.

    162. A ***** Is A *****-N.W.A.

    163. Made You Look-Nas

    164. Hip-Hop Is Dead-Nas

    165. Black Republicans-Nas

    166. Still Dreamin-Nas

    167. Undying Love-Nas

    168. Hate Me Now-Nas

    169. Nas Is Like-Nas

    170. N.Y. State of Mind-Nas

    171. Life's A *****-Nas

    172. The World Is Yours-Nas

    173. Memory Lane-nas

    174. One Love-Nas

    175. One Time 4 Your Mind-Nas

    176. It Ain't Hard To Tell-Nas

    177. The Message-Nas

    178. Street Dreams Remix-Nas (feat. R. Kelly)

    179. I Gave You Power-Nas

    180. Take It In Blood-Nas

    181. If I Ruled The World-Nas

    182. The Flyest-Nas

    183. One Mic-Nas

    184. My Country-Nas

    185. Country Grammar-Nelly

    186. Over And Over-Nelly

    187. Running Your Mouth-The Notorious B.I.G.

    188. Notorious Thugs-The Notorious B.I.G.

    189. Hypnotize-The Notorious B.I.G.

    190. Ten Crack Commandments-The Notorious B.I.G.

    191. Big Poppa-The Notorious b.I.g.

    192. Who Shot Ya?-The Notorious B.I.G.

    193. Juicy-The Notorious B.I.G.

    194. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik-Outkast

    195. Ms. Jackson-Outkast

    196. Alphabetical Slaughter-Papoose

    197. Ghetto Soldier-Papoose

    198. Bring The Noise-Public Enemy

    199. Fight The Power-Public Enemy

    200. 911 Is A Joke-Public Enemy

    201. Let's Ride-Q-Tip

    202. Criminology-Raekwon

    203. Incarcerated Scarfaces-Raekwon

    204. Guillotine (swords)-Raekwon

    205. Rated R-Redman

    206. Walk This Way-Run DMC & Aerosmith

    207. Mr. Scarface-Scarface

    208. A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die-Scarface

    209. **** Faces-Scarface

    210. Goin' Down-Scarface

    211. Now I Feel Ya-Scarface

    212. Money Makes The World Go Round-Scarface

    213. My Block-Scarface

    214. Indian Girl-Slick Rick

    215. Children's Story-Slick Rick

    216. Murder Was The Case-Snoop Dogg

    217. Gin And Juice-Snoop Dogg

    218. Gangbangin 101-Snoop Dogg

    219. I Must Be High-South Park Mexican

    220. U Don't Know Me-T.I.

    221. ASAP-T.I.

    222. Re-Definition-Talib Kweli/Mos Def

    223. Watch How It Go Down-Termanology

    224. Regulate-Warren G.

    225. This D.J.-Warren G.

    226. Protect Ya Neck-Wu-Tang Clan

    227. C.R.E.A.M.-Wu-Tang Clan

    228. Ain't Nuthin To **** Wit-Wu-Tang Clan

    229. Push Em Back-Young Buck

    230. Buss Yo Head-Young Buck

    231. Do It Myself-Young Buck

    232. He Ain't A Thug-Yukmouth/C-Bo

    233. American Dream-Yukmouth/C-Bo

    234. Heartz Of Men-2pac

    235. All Eyez On Me-2pac

    236. Ambitionz Az A Ridah-2pac

    237. How Do You Want It-2pac

    238. I Ain't Mad At Cha-2pac

    239. It's All About You-2pac

    240. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug-2pac

    241. Got My Mind Made Up-2pac

    242. Picture Me Rollin-2pac

    243. Rather Be Ya *****-2pac

    244. Only God Can Judge Me-2pac

    245. U Can't C Me-2pac

    246. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted-2pac

    247. My Block Remix-2pac

    248. When We Ride On Our Enemies-2pac

    249. Thugz Mansion (Accoustic Remix)-2pac

    250. To Live & Die In L.A.-2pac

    251. Hail Mary-2pac

    252. California Love-2pac

    253. Hit Em Up-2pac

    254. The Uppercut-2pac

    255. Loyal To The Game-2pac

    256. Me Against The World-2pac

    257. Shed So Many Tears-2pac

    258. Dear Mama-2pac

    259. Untouchable (Swiss Beatz Remix)-2pac

    260. Letter To The President-2pac

    261. Hell 4 A Hustler-2pac

    262. Keep Ya Head Up-2pac

    263. How Long Will They Mourn Me?-2pac

    264. Life Goes On-2pac

    265. Ghost-2pac

    266. Runnin-2pac

    267. Str8 Ballin-2pac

    268. Thug In Me-2pac

    269. Letter To My Unborn Child-2pac

    270. Lil Homies-2pac

    271. **** Friendz-2pac

    272. When Thugz Cry-2pac

    273. Thug N U Thug N Me Remix-2pac

    274. Ballad of A Dead Soulja-2pac

    275. Trapped-2pac

    276. Brenda's Got A Baby-2pac

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  • 1 decade ago

    mos def: close edge.

    common :can i borrow a dollar?, resurrection, cd

    Andre nickatina:ayo for yayo, my rap world

    the foreign exchange:connected cd.

    jusst to name a few.....

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    blu and exile ? dead prez ? the cool kids ? jedi mind tricks ? p.o.s ?

    blu and exile - dancing in the rain / soul amazing

    dead prez - hip hop / hell yeah

    the cool kids - black mags

    jedi mind tricks - uncommon valor

    immortal technique ft. diabolic - diabolic lol

    p.o.s - pos is ruining my life (real name of the song)

    Source(s): links dont work for me :( .............VV ????
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  • 1 decade ago

    all young jeezy

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