Should I put my last job on my resume if I'm not sure how the ex-boss is going to respond as a reference?


I quit because it was an office where everyone was afraid of getting fired and the boss screamed at everyone (including clients) constantly. There was no pleasing this man and I couldn't take it anymore. I was only there 5 months (it felt like 5 years).

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    Never put down a reference if you don't know what they will say about you. You can request that they don't contact a previous employer as long as you have other references available.

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    An application is not a legal document, so it's not illegal to omit information. I've been a supervisor for 25+ years, and I can tell you that if the last job let you go because you tested + for marijuana, I probably wouldn't hire you either. My advice - leave that off of you application if you want to be hired. I'm sure some of my staff through the years have had jobs that they haven't put on their application because of problems. It will be the job of the interviewer to go through your application and call your references and previous employers. You should hope that they don't do that too thoroughly or that your references don't mention it. Better luck with your new job!

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    You can list your last job on your resume. But I would keep your resume and your references seperate from eachother. For example, on the bottom of my resume I have 'References furnished upon Request' which means, if/when i go on an interview, if the potential employer would like my references, i will give them out then. That way, they didn't ahve the contact information for my previous employer (It's not that I wasn't a good employee, I just didn't feel comfortable them calling my current employer while I was interviewing.)

    On my resume, I usually Just put the Name of the Company, the dates worked, the location (Just general: Pittsburgh, PA) and the responsibilities I held there. I never put my boss's name or the company's phone number. The names and numbers were on my reference page.

    Good Luck!

  • Jenn D
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    If your potential employer calls your previous employer, if I remember correctly, by law, the only information they can give is the fact that you did or did not work there for the time that you claimed and I think they can say whether or not they would hire you again. I also know that several companies that I applied to asked if they could contact my previous employer. If I said no, they usually asked me for an explaination.

    You should not omit it thought. If they do a background search and realize that you didn't mention it, it may cripple your chances of landing the job.

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  • 1 decade ago

    did you left your old job in a bad term? in not, call your ex-employer and ask if you could put them as reference.

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