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Different bullet brands, same caliber, in same magazine. Safe or jam?

Putting these bullets in the same magazine: a variety of hollow points of different brands BUT THE SAME CALIBER.

Would this be prone to jams?

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    If each bullet individually functions properly in your weapon, then mixing them together shouldn't cause you any problems. However, mixing ammunition for serious purposes - such as defensive use, as you mention hollow points - is probably not a very good idea, since you are potentially going to be experiencing varying levels of recoil and shifting points of impact between the different rounds. If you are loading a weapon for defensive use, you should pick one round that you are confident will work 100% of the time (by firing at least 100-200 rounds through your weapon to validate ABSOLUTE - i.e. 0% failure rate - reliability) and go with that.

    Hope this helps - good luck and stay safe!

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    No, not because you're mixing brands.

    Different brand ammo of the same caliber and approx. power will not result in jamming. But it might if you mix standard velocity, subsonic and +P or +P+ if your handgun doesn't like the 'weaker' loads.


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    At face value no. But it depends on the brands some brands jam on their own more than others...

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    No, not necessarily. I have some guns that will feed everything of the same caliber.

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