Can you raise your heart beat with your mind?

I did it 15 years ago. to a dangerous level like over 170 beats per minute. Doctor said normally people can't do that. Can anybody do that? I am curious?
Update: a cardiologist was with me at that time. and I told him I could and he said he wanted to see it to believe it. But I could bring it down to 90 bpm quick after that it came down slowly. It freaked him out though.
Update 2: Greg, The doc ordered me to go through all kinds of test including EKG, stress test and stuff. He said my heart was O.K. I also lowered it once to 49 BPM with meditation.
Update 3: All I did was I concentrated my mind on my heartbeat and I also didn't breathe for a few moments. I don't do that anymore.
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