What's with all the advertising/media on "green" and "organic" products?

My purchase decision is based on how well a product meets my needs and the economies of it; NOT if it is made from organics or is "green" (supposedly good for the environment). Are retailers pushing 'green' as another fad to push products that really don't meet needs the best?

(BTW, I understand the implications of doing the right thing for the environment and future generations - that's not what I'm talking about here - it's advertising the virtues of "green" over product benefits.)

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    It's a 'movement' within the retail sector. They want to show that they are being proactive and finding ways to help reduce pollution, emissions, forest destruction, etc.

    They work with their suppliers and encourage them to make more 'friendly' products to the environment to tout to consumers. Things such as ensuring that boxes are getting made from recycled paper, using certain types of cardboard, completing info forms about their products on where the product gets sourced from, etc etc etc.

    Have some retailers turned it into a new buzz word? Sure they have, and some actually take it seriously.

    So, to answer your question some are treating it as a fad and some are treating it seriously.

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    It's not choosing to advertise "green" over product benefits; being "green" IS a benefit that several advertisers feel is extremely important because the topic is all over the news. It's the one that they are choosing to list first because everyone is now seeing what the global warming and pollution are doing.

    It also has to do with statistics. Market research companies have done several studies to find out what encourages people to buy. The environment is high on many people's agenda's.

  • Mel
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    1 decade ago

    Green and Organic products often meet my needs. For instance, I do want produce withought chemicals.

    I work for a dome home manufacturer and besides being huricane proof (which is important here in Florida), it is up to 60% more energy efficeint. Now that is great for the enviroment and saves you a lot of money.

    If these products don't meet your needs then you are not their target audience.

    Is green a fad? I hope not, but probably.

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    Advertisers do research to learn why people buy things. Some advertisers are finding that "Green" is important to many people. It depends on the product.

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  • andy
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    1 decade ago

    Because the people who make "green" and "organic" goods can charge a surcharge for these goods. The best organic vegetables are the home grown ones.

    I agree that some of these ads are down right offensive.

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    Some people believe that buying "green" products best meets their needs.

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