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hello I am having a problem with the volleyball positions?

I am traying to develop the game in Oshakati a town in Namibia but, the frist thing is that I cant understand the explanations that all of you affering when it comes to positions in the game. can any one help me with a simple diagram just to make it easy to understand, plc add the movements directions of each player.

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    Ok, this will be hard but bare with me. I will go over some basic stuff. I do not mean to insult your intellengence but it's hard to know what you do and don't know based on your question.

    Important differences to note:

    A zone is a physical location on the court that never changes.

    Position is the name of the position the player is playing.

    Let's say the server is in the right back position That is the 1 zone. The player in front of the server is in zone 2. This continues counter-clockwise to the 6 zone, which is the middle back. Zones also make it easier to tell servers where to serve.

    Let's start with the position of Outside Hitter. They play in zone 4. The Outside Hitter is the most consistent hitter on the court, they must also pass well. They will get the most sets and they should have a high kill percentage.

    Next Middle Hitter. Middle Hitters play in zone 3. Middle Hitters must be athletic as they will be running from side to side while blocking and always approaching for a set. They will get the second most sets of all the hitters. However, they are primarily for blocking, so they should be tall.

    Next, Right Side Hitter, Right sides play in zone 2. Right sides should be tall or be strong blockers at least, they will be blocking the opposing team's Outside Hitter so they must be able to block.

    Those are the hitters.

    For backrow and setters.

    This is very difficult to explain without a diagram and without knowing if you understand the different offensive systems. If this is over your head I suggest you check out the following to understand offensive systems:


    Okay, the Libero is the next position, they can play in the 5, 6 or 1 zone. The Libero cannot serve, cannot set with the hands in front of the 3 meter line, and cannot attack the ball while it is completely over the plane of the net. This is purely defensive and will most likely, after the serve, move to either zone 6 or zone 5 depending on the type of defense.

    Setter. The setter, in a 5-1 offense plays in zones 1 when in the back row and playing defense and zone 2 when in the front row. When in the front row, the setter replaces the Right Side Hitter and must be able to block.

    Now, this may still confuse you, but I hope the below information will help.

    Front row players can move to their zones/positions after the serve. It doesn't matter where they start. For example:

    Before the serve, here is a sample line-up.


    S OHB L

    Here is what can happen after the serve is contacted.


    OHB L S


    OHF - Outside Hitter Front

    OHB - Outside Hitter Back

    MB - Middle Blocker

    RS - Right Side Hitter

    S - Setter

    L- Libero (I have the Libero in for the Middle Blocker back position.

    Notice how front and back row players switch to play their familiar positions?

    Let's look at what happens after a rotation from th previous line-up.

    after the clockwise rotation, before the serve, here is the next line-up.

    S MB OHF

    OHB L RS

    Here is what can happen after the serve is contacted.

    OHF MB S

    OHB L RS

    Notice how the back row was already in their comfortable positions so no moves were neccesary.

    Like I said, this post is basic and it's hard to explain the game of volleyball in words without writing a book. I could literally go on all day.

    Good Luck.

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    in a typical rotation, you may pass around the court docket and serve once you attain the a million place. yet while u have enought human beings on your team, you would be able to desire to basically be a serving professional, and pass in to serve, and then have somebody take your place contained in the back row. you may communicate on your coach if that's what you opt for, is that what your asking?

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    3 in front three in back, middle two slightly moved up, evnly spaced from eachother, butun even with the others

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