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Isn't it considered child endangerment...?

for a transsexual under lots of hormone therapy to be jumping through hoops to get himself pregnant when his wife could do the same job perfectly fine?

Am I missing something?


I mean, I'm pretty sure those hormones would have detrimental effects on the baby. How is that guy/girl on oprah not under arrest right now?

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    The man/woman stopped the male hormone therapy prior to becoming pregnant. It was necessary or s/he would not have been able to become pregnant. S/he then took female variant hormones to help sustain a pregnancy. Also the wife/other woman in this relationship was not able to become pregnant as she had a prior hysterectomy. Those would be the pieces of information you are missing.

    That said, I do not agree with this situation at all. I think that it is tantamount to emotional child abuse what they are doing to this child before she is even born. Had they truly just wanted a family, they could have adopted or gone about this without all of the publicity. Instead, they are seeking their "fifteen minutes of fame" at the expense of a child who will spend her whole life being the subject of teasing, jokes and public spectacle. How sad.

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    It is possible, this story is nearly as bad as the incest story with the Father and Daughter having a child and a relationship. What is with these people? Or is it me?

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    the transexual wife cannot have babies that was he/she is doing it for her... im so over this story

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    how can a transexual get preg?

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