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Some american mentality movement discover,women can know teacher mean batter, and appear like to quarrel and take a risk.

Amaeican educate center discover about junior high school results and community ability, except language math,women's society work art, schoolmedia batter than men.

But in the study barrier and in the mood unstable aspect population proportion, the male student respectively is 73% and 76%, is higher than the female student by far 27% and 24%.

The male student accounts for the schoolwork not good student total the majority, moreover in which has 1/3 to think discontinues studies,

85% once have moved the murder thought, many people have attempted the narcotics, compares with on century 70's, male student's suicide rate also multiplied two.

In the physiological aspect, the usual man comparatively early dies,

Taiwan masculine life difference female five years old. Then, but also

some many high dangerous healthy custom,

like pulls out the tobaccohe, drinks, causes the high risk

disease, fatal, like heart blood vessel, stroke heart failure.

The research investigation demonstrated that, male student crime rate quite high, the male student is not easy to say the concern, is easy

the melancholia, the suicide rate high, also is easy to succeed





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    According to some of the institution in America, they have discovered that girls can comprehend and cooperate the teachers' purposes better. However, the boys appear to be pugnacious, quarrelsome and venturesome.


    Amaeican education center has a statistic survey about the grades and social ability in all the High Schools in America. Except language and math, girl's abilities of society work, art, and schoolmedia are exceeding the boys.


    In the proportion of studying handicap and unstable mood aspect, the male students are respectively 73% and 76% which are much higher than the female students'. The male students are mostly the ones with lower grades. Moreover, 1/3 students have been thinking about drop out and 85% once have the thoughts of murder. Many students have used drugs. Comparing with the century of 70's, male student's suicide rate was also two times the rate they had before.


    In the physiological aspect, men comparatively die early. The masculine vitality was less than feminine about five years old. Besides, there are some highly dangerous habits. For instance: tobaccohe and drinks will cause the highly fatal disease such as heart blood vessel disease or heart stroke.


    The research demonstrates that male students' crime committing rate was high. The male students are taciturn about their concern which make them become melancholy, and easily committing suiside.

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