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    The bamboo moat city is Taiwan clear governs the bricks and stones

    city wall which the time establishes, completed in 1829. This city

    wall is located the Hsinchu urban district, therefore sometimes also

    uses the bamboo moat city to refer to the entire Hsinchu city. The

    bamboo moat city nowadays only preserves welcomes the sunlight gate,

    is two levels of historical sites which Republic of China Ministry of

    Interior assigns

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    Bamboo Qian city is Taiwan is pure to cure period build up of brick city wall, complete in 1829.That city wall is sometimes located on downtown in Hsinchu, therefore also uses bamboo Qian city to point the whole Hsinchu City.The bamboo Qian city is only at present subsist of face a Xi door, is the second class historic site that R.O.C. Ministry of Interior specifies.

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