Does he want my Va-jj..Are these love gams... Does he like me?

Im into this guy..I know he is into me.. we both admitted it during a convo. and he told me that he likes me but has a Gf. I respect that so we are friends..I still find that we are flirting and at a party we ended up kissing. we went to do lunch with friends but they bailed.. so it was just the two of us and on the way in he says.. this is our first date.. and on other occassions he said we should just date.. sometimes he calls me babe...hun.. has his own nickname for me etc. etc... he calls me sometimes to see if i want to hang out... he looks into my eyes..he hugs me, he finds ways to brush up against me..I do like him but i dont want to be the girl that gets in the way of a relationship i respect what they have. However im confused.. I find myself thinking about him.. why does he say these things to me.. ?? is he playing a game..Does he like me.. does he want in my pants...what should i do..its getting hard for me

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    1 decade ago
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    if he doesnt wanna break up with his gf then hes just looking for sex.

    ask him where its going. ask him if he has brokern up with her yet.

    you cant say they are not still sleeping together.

    so during the day hes with you or something then he goes and has sex with his gf.

    thats not fair on you. take a stand you deserve better. dont get treated like **** even if you think hes being sweet coz it sounds like he has other motives than just being nice.

    Source(s): i got hooked in by someone just like that. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN WITH YOUR DIGINITY
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    Its getting HARD for you? Well pour some cold water or something. Let me get this right your the girl in all this correct? jk.

    You really should get some perspective girl. He STILL has a gf? Does that sound like someone that would have his loyalties in question?? Yeh I think so. He's either too cowardly to admit he just wants sex with you, for fear of losing you or he sees he can string you along until SEX comes and then see if he can keep repeating this convenient routine as long as you dont change anything.

    All this hugging and kissing and fuzzy feelings mean squat in the end. If the guy is smooth, all your proving is that he's good at what he does. None of what you mention has anything to do with any deeper emotions or signs of real commitment to you. So dont get swindled like most girls. Arent there enough single guys around for you?

    And yes... you will be the other girl, as long as you choose to be that and not get someone who isnt cheating on their gf to be affectionate with you... like me for instance :P

    Good luck anyways.

  • of course he is playing games with you. If he likes you so much why is he with someone eles?

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