does any one else find this weird?

i have been with my fiance for 4 years.. i have only seen/talked to his sister 4 times.. when i meet her...then again at christmas a few years ago and thanksgiving.. then once again in september when there grandmother died.. she lives down stairs from my fiance! does anyone else find that weird?

and my brother in law lives with us but dosnt talk to me to often. and when he comes in the room and sees me there he puts his head down and looks at the floor! and today i swear he did it on purpose he knew i had a paper due and all of a sudden when i was about to print it my printer jammed and he said he accidently dropped paper shreddings in it from the shredder! i swear the family hates me! doesnt any one else think its weird or have crazy inlaws


i ment she lives down stairs from us not just from my fiance

Update 2:

grace i know i cant be loved by everyone that was not my question..

Update 3:

lol sage i was starting to think i had the inlaws from hell

Update 4:

no its crazy my mother in law loves me... we do everything together and have a great relationship.. its just his sblings.. my brother in law lived with us for 2 years rent free while he was going to school and my fiance and i payed the bills and i never once even got a thank you

Update 5:

i have called his sister a ton of times to go out with me and get our nails done have lunch drinks something she never returns my calls.. she has friends and she is married...she even agreeded to be in some one elses wedding the same day as ours

Update 6:

oh no i have only lived here for 2 years..not 4..and try to talk to them but its like i am the invesible girl or something..and yes my fiance has tried to talk to them as well

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    Whats weird is how his family treats you. Their actions speak louder then words. If they liked you and were happy about you being in their family one day they would treat you a whole lot diff and with more respect then what they do. For some reason they dont like you and with their actions trying to tell you this in hopes that mabe you will think you wont be happy in this family and leave. Could be alot of reasons for why they do the things they do. But its really rude to ignore ppl and treat them bad, if they dont like you then they should be honest and come right out and tell you.. Yeah it will hurt, but then you'll know the truth.. I just want to know why you would want to marry a guy with a family like this? A family that is going to alienate you and treat you like crap? Id be thinking twice about this marriage, you might love the guy your with but if his family dont like you and dont accept you, your not going to be happy at all.. Good Luck

  • It seems more like big communication problems. Why aren't you talking to your fiance about this? It sounds like nobody is really talking to anybody. Why is your brother-in-law living with the two of you, if he acts that way. There may be relationship/family problems and something else going on in addition to the problems with communication. It may not be that they do not like you.

    It is not going to help your marriage, which has enough ups and downs of its own. Can you live without communication? Maybe you can because it has been four years and you are just asking now. At least you are aware of the situation before you get married. But don't kid yourself to think that you can fix anything.

    I think it is more than just a weird family. Not having your in-laws like you does happen and is perfectly normal and everyone understands... even if it is undeserved. Some people let their ego control them, rather than letting go of your ego once you mature.

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    As long as your relationship with your fiance is not affected by the attitudes of his family members. You can basically ignore them. Just do your own thing and stay away from their family matters. Keep your personal opinions about his family to yourself if you want your relationship with your finance to last. Family interference can also make or break a relationship. So be warned!

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    Your future sister in law's behavior does seem pretty odd. But ask yourself is that just her nature? Does she have a lot of friends? Maybe she is just an extreme introvert?

    Are they normal people socially? Maybe they just don't know how to talk to people they dont know very well?

    Have you tried to talk to them? Make a connection? Ask them questions about themselves? It seems like if you want any kind of relationship your going to have to put in some serious effort.

    But before you do, ask yourself if its worth it? How much will it mean to your fiance? Does your relationship with his family bother him? I

    If it does, he should be willing to help you, and talk to his faimly about thier weird behavior. If his familes and your relationship doesn't bother him, than you should just live your life, and try not to worry about it.

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    People have their own lives, their own personalities, quirks, etc. Could be you intimidate them, or make them feel uncomfortable - who knows, and frankly, why care. I'm sure they do not "hate" you, they just do not know how (or maybe just do not even want to know) to relate to you.

    Please do not push the issue. Maybe in time things will come to light, but in the meantime, try NOT to JUDGE them and just leave them be. You called them hateful, weird, and crazy.

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    There's a more than likely chance that your fiance has not spoken well of you to these people. You should ask about that. They probably don't view you as being there permanently, so they don't feel a need to relate to you.

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    Mm. Brother-in-laws, Sister-in-laws,Mother-in-laws... Non of them did you marry and non of them are your husband. Just be sweet and kill them with kindness.When they act like jerks - laugh at them when behind a closed door!

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    Your inlaws are completely normal compared to mine. Mine refuse to even meet me which is great sometimes cause I don't have to deal with them but then they still expact him to show up for holidays and leave me at home. Believe me, all inlaws are weird. It's not just you.

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    Ignore them, act like they don't even exist.. They hate u for no reason,they can go to hell.Treat them the same way they treat you.

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    There are just "different" personalities and people in this world. Don't change your personality just because there are oddballs near you.

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