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Does ethnicity play a role in areola size?

Regardless of breast size, does the size of the areola have anything to do with ethnic background? Is there any "proof"? Do women of Eastern European background tend to have larger areolas, or is it unrelated? I know pregnancy affects it, but I have not been pregnant and my breasts themselves are rather small, 32B. I am past my teenage years also, and insecure about the combination of small breasts and large areolas. Do men find this unattractive?

So does it vary by person, or does background play a part?

Please only serious answers.


I forgot to mention, in terms of what they look like just for reference, think of Mena Suvari's nude scene in "American Beauty." My breasts/areolas look like hers. (She's my hero.)

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    It's got to be genetic, at least as much as anything else.

    When any feature, blood type for example, is genetic, specific features become more common in some populations than in others. Same with skin color and lots of other phenotypic features, some of which people call "ethnicity." Many (but certainly not all) east Asian women have a slender bust - it probably goes with the genome.

    Speaking only for myself, I find small breasts lovely - my wife is 32B, and I wouldn't have her any other way. Areola size never made much difference to me one way or the other.

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    i come from an eastern european backround.. and yes.. i do have pretty large areolas. although.. i dont think that there is any proof that ethnicity has anything to do with it. because all my friends that also come from eastern europeans backround.. most of them are way different than me.. some have smaller.. some have lighter.. darker. i think it varies! it is also genetic. my mom and both of my sisters have larger breasts and larger areolas. everyone is different.

    and its no big deal.. as long as you have a boob, a nipple, and an areola, you are good.

    no worries! :)

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    It varies by person but it is partially genetic. Ethnic background is too broad but I find that similarities are more common with family members.

    Source(s): Years of working in a lingerie store
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    it may be, but what i learned in anatomy is that the size is based on the women's mammary ducts as well as hormones. as far as your size, dont worry about it, its just hormones adn age....and attractiveness...some do and some be perfectly honest

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    to answer ur questoin about men findin it unattracive. I personaly dont like it and most guys i know dont. but das jus me.

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