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What will Jay Leno do next year...?

Jay is the ratings king of late night, but:

He's supposed to hand over the Tonight Show to Conan O'Brien in 2009.

Will be go to ABC or will he refuse to give up the Tonight Show.

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    Your Question being what will Jay Leno do next year? I predict he will be selling off all of his cars... at bargain prices!! He will open his own show room, and produce elaborate TV commercials claiming to be selling off cars driven by the second king of late night...(haha) we all know there is ONLY one King, now and forever...Johnny Carson will be forever King, and missed..

    Or, perhaps he'll be working with Dave Letterman, as a "on the street" celebrity Jokester. He will walk up to people, and ask them..."do you know who Jay Leno was?" to which the man or woman on the street might reply..."SURE" wasn't He that one Mexican dude who told all those Mexican jokes on "At the Improv?" Oh... no, wait, Maybe he was that one dude who tried to take over as the King of Late Night TV when Johnny Carson retired.... no, I think that was conman something...well...I guess I don't know who he he dead or something?

    Sorry...just my smartypants way of sayin... se la vi Jay... take care...=o) *giggle*

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    I hear ya man. Why on earth would they give the Tonight Show to Conan?!?!? He is SOOO not funny. When he interviews guests it always turns into how funny he thinks he can be!! The guest can barely get a word in! It's totally stupid and irritating!! And those comedy bits aren't comedic--just moronic.

    I hope he fights it. Jay is no Johnny Carson, may he rest in peace, but he's the closest thing to a polite, but funny host we've got. Jay is too young to go anywhere!!! If David Letterman had gotten the gig like Johnny wanted, it would have changed Dave's life forever, he'd be a better man. Dave's just bitter now, his son Harry helped soften him a bit--but only a bit.

    --a quick aside---Have you seen those ads on late nite tv for the best of the Tonight Show DVD's??? They are a riot!! I miss him!! First rate. First Class. An Institution that is sorely missed.

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    Oh, I've watched Jay Leno for ages. Not every night, but a lot of times. He's a living legend of late night. I will miss him.

    What will he do? Hmmmm. I hope not retire to the garage where he keeps his cars, and bikes.

    Hopefully, we'll see him somewhere, again.

    Like maybe a new show, called "College Students vs. Leno". A good daytime, that could replace ANY soap!

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    Conan will ruin the Tonight Show....I will never watch him. NBC has already given Conan a contract to do the show..Big mistake!

    I've watched the show since Johnny was there...I will miss it.

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    I dunno know but I hate to see Jay Leno leave next year and conan O'Brien suppose to take his place and I dont even like Conan O'Brien and I dont even see his show.

    I like to see Jay leno and I watch his shows when I get a chance too.

    it wont be the same when Jay Leno leaves.

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    I will miss him too! Conan is to busy entertaining himself.

    I am sure Leno will be laughing all the way to the bank. There will never be another Johnny Carson... That's who I grew up with.

  • Dippy
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    He'll probably be in his garage, tinkering with his cars and watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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    As long as he leaves Tv, it'll be fine by me.

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    He will be at home spanking his pet monkey.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    he will dirving around in his cars...

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