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My friends do drugs?

My guy friends do drugs and don't even realize it. They take sleeping pills and see how many it takes to knock one of them out first. One of the guys got caught today and he finally realized what he was doing was wrong. He feels pretty bad, and I'm sure they will stop now. How do I help them? I've already talked to the councelor, and she told me I have to be the one they look up to... but how?

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    Drug abuse takes many forms, and they can all be dangerous to your health. Your friends are lucky they haven't accidentally overdosed. There have been folks who took too may sleeping pills and killed themselves without meaning to. Congratulate yourself for not taking the silly risks your friends are taking.

    I think what your counselor means is to set the example, be the one that can be cool and have fun without doing dangerous stuff. Don't lecture too much - I don't know how old you are but few people respond well to lectures. Sounds like you're not giving in to peer pressure so far but if that pops up, just keep telling people, you want to live to do a lot of cool things. You need your brain for that. You're not going to mess up your brain on purpose.

    Take the lead thinking of fun stuff to do that doesn't involve any drugs. Music, sports, games like Scene it if you're in to TV and movies - whatever. Again, tough to give advice without knowing your age. But be the one that walks the walk - live like you think. That's how you'll be the one they look up to. Good luck.

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    that's the dumbest thing Ive herd someone do drug use is not a game they need to do some research

    some sleeping pills you can OD on and some cause some of the most horrible hallucinations you can imagine

    councelors give bs advice dont try to put yourself on a pedestal your just going to loose your friends

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    how about you stay out of peoples lives, let them **** them selves up and learn the hardway, but dont rat them out, you will lose friends.

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    so now your abusing sleeping pills

    you crazy kids.

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