Adjectives for money?

I just need some adjectives for money, for some concrete poem for school. I hate these and i'm horrible at them, please help?


No, I need to describe it :\ Unless somebody can give me another subject, and some adjectives cuz I can't find much... and i'm not good with this stuff

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    an adjective describes something.

    or do you need synonyms? greens. spendyo's. spends. cash. scrills. scrilla. ends. bucks. paper. dead presidents. benjamins(100 dollars) benjis - franklins.

    valuable, worth, trust, stability, finance, damn thats hard. i'll try to think of more

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    materialistic, philistine; desirous, eager, itchy, miserly; hoggish, piggish, swinish; devouring, gluttonous, gobbling, insatiable, ravenous, unquenchable, voracious; discontent, discontented, malcontent, unquenched, unsatisfied; begrudging, grudging, resentful

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    money is power

    illusionary (the US dollar isn't backed by gold any's not really worth anything except that we say it is)

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    green, dirty, payday, cash, crisp, folded, pin-money, pretty,

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