Robert Owen and Karl Marx?

How were both Karl Marx and Robert Owen, although completely different, 19th century pioneers in developing new ways of life?

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    Very briefly. Karl Marx was a journalist, philosopher and social, political and economic theorist which all comes together in the 2-volume "Das Kapital' which essentially developes the theory and outlines the practice of communism.

    He was not a major political activist although he was a leading figure in the International Workingmens' Association from 1864 to 1872.

    In contrast, Robert Owen was an industrialist and social reformer who established model communities with enlightened working and social conditions and went on to found co-operative communities in Britain and the US. Later in life he founded a Trades Union and took up other causes including spiritualism.

    Karl Marx could be said to have founded communism by his intellect, Robert Owen could be said to have founded the co-operative movement by his activism. Both were pioneers in their respective fields and their influence is still strong today.

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    Owen believed that socialism was an idea to be either accepted or rejected. Owen wanted to persuade people to embrace it and then implement it through intentional communities and legislation. Marx believed that socialism would be the inevitable result of impersonal historical forces. That's why he called his ideology "scientific socialism." Marx presented his ideas as a forecast of economic trends, not as an idea contingent on persuasion.

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    My recollection tells me Owen was instrumental in contributing to the methods of factory manufacturing and Marx thought such methods enslaved and reduced men and their labor to commodities that capitalists could feel free to disrespect. So one enabled many to find work if they could accept the terms, while the other relished an earlier time and rejected the terms offered.

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