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Amazon Prime Trial?

Hi, I just signed up for a free trial for Amazon Prime. I was wondering if I will still be charged during this trial because a lot of companies do this kind of scam, but they still charge you. So has anyone been charged when they signed up for the trial? Thanks.

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  • Utopia
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    1 decade ago
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    First, Amazon Prime is awesome. I have surpassed in shipment savings in 2 weeks compared to what the member ship fee cost Usually with 5 orders your membership is paid. I ordered a UPS backup system,from Amazon that has to be at least 70lbs. I had it overnight expressed, my shipping charge as an Amazon Prime member -->3.99. This is so cheaper than the gas it cost to go to the store-

    Completely worth every dollar. Keep in mind that the amazon prime only is for items sold through Amazon and does not extend to people who list items on Amazon for sale. However AMazon has usually has most things that others sell in thier inventory.

    Just keep the date of when you started the trial and make sure to cancel it out when the trials end. I advise to keep the member ship.Amazon is no scam. They are the best ecommerce company you can find. I bought a canon digital camera from Amazon and it was $1,600. The camera arrived and had a flaw on the lens so I went into my account and requested an exchange. Amazon had a new camera shipped to me within two days and that was before I even shipped my broken back. They are wonderful-

  • 4 years ago

    Amazon who knows

  • 4 years ago

    Apparently they do try taking the payment during the trial period. I signed up for the free 1month trial 6 days ago to see what if it was really something I would use before paying for the year at the end of the month............they've just suspended my account because they couldn't get the payment!!!!! Don't think I'm going to bother now, not if this is how they operate!!!

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