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What is PayPal Plus?

I'm interested in having my paypal account verified. I would like to know what is PayPal Plus like a prepaid credit card?

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    Raven -

    PayPal Plus is not a pre-loaded card of any kind: it's a regular Mastercard co-branded with PayPal. Its basic functionality is the same as any other Mastercard in your wallet. PayPal does offer certain promotions to PayPal Plus cardholders, but the card does NOT give you access to money in your PayPal account. You have to apply for the card and get assigned a credit line based on your credit score, just like with any other credit card.

    PayPal also offers a PayPal debit card. This debit card acts like any other debit card connected to a bank account - except the account it's connected to is your PayPal account. So if you're a new merchant, for example, and people have bought goods from you totalling $1,000, then that's the amount of money you'd be able to access with the PP debit card.

    On a completely separate note, check out Revolution Money and its product Money Exchange. Money Exchange is easier to use than PayPal and charges merchants significantly lower interchange rates.

    I've attached a page explaining the difference between the PayPal credit and debit cards, plus a link to Money Exchange.

    I hope this was helpful!

    Stephanie Fierman

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    Paypal Plus

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    where can I find the balance on a paypal plus card

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