Christian denominations?

Just a question based upon a response I read a few minutes ago. The respondent said people are a certain denomination because they think their denomination has the fullness of truth. Basically that their denomination is exactly right and the rest are wrong in some way. Just wondering how many Christians actually feel this way? Personally I am basically Pentecostal. However I do not think we have everything right. It is just the denomination where I feel most at home. So tell me what you think? Is your denomination 100% correct? What is your denomination?


Let me clear something up. I do believe Christianity is the only way. However I don't think Pentecostals are 100% correct and baptists and such are wrong.

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    My denomination is Roman Catholic, and the only thing that matters in all Christian denominations is simply our faith in our lord Jesus Christ, there is no right or wrong denomination because we all believe in the same God, and to say one is better than another is simply nonsense. May God Bless.

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    It depends if you include the early church, there were quite a few Christian groups back then which would not be considered Christian if they sprang up today (The Gnostic cosmology was radically different on how they viewed the god of Abraham). Most would agree with Jesus as "'son' of 'god'" and 'messiah', but then again, there's some on the edges that don't. The resurrection is also an extremely common belief. Virgin Birth isn't that important. And what "original sin" means varies a great deal. It's a difficult taxonomy. It's like trying to say what's in common between an Reform Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, and Judaism as practiced before King Josiah. If I had to put it into words, I'd say that they all believe that Jesus, a Jewish dude who lived in first century Levant, was uniquely important, divinely so, in forgiving mankind of their flawed nature. I think that covers even the early gnostics. Oh, also he got executed by the government, undesrvingly so.

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    I was pretty much raised Pentecostal,went to southern Baptist and now attend Independent I don't think all other denominations are wrong and I don't know if mine has all the answers,but I am Independent because they hold to the KJ 1611 and they are more conservative than most of the southern Baptist,Pentecostal,well I never really believed in speaking in tongues without an interpretation,not that it's wrong but I guess when I read "if you must speak in tongues let it be by 2 or 3 and let there be an interpretation"that pretty much told me what I needed.but if you have been saved and redeemed by Jesus blood then you are my brother or sister.God bless.

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    That respondent is actually painting with a very broad brush. For example, many Catholics feel that way, but not all. Their current Pope holds to this idea. Now I have not met a Methodist, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Nazarene, or any of the major Protestant religions ever make that claim. In fact, I have good fellowship with all of them. We just try not to quibble over minutia.

    There are denominations that fit this bill. Some I classify as cults. There are the Seventh Day Adventists, Church of Latter Day Saints, and Jehovah Witnesses. There are other religions that fit this bill as well, but we are talking about Christian denominations.

    Jesus said_I_am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No other denomination can take that statement and apply it to them. If they do, they are only fooling themselves.

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    Having traveled extensively among many of the denominations.

    I have met a lot of people that thought that their denomination was the only one that had it right, however this is not the attitude of most of the believers in these same churches.

    We go where we are comfortable, and to the church that most closely resembles what we believe.

    What we have to realize is that God give us each what we need at the time that we need it.

    It is like a parent with a children, we feed the infants milk, the toddlers soft, or pureed food, the children like cheese pizza, and teenagers like pepperoni pizza, and the older we get the more our taste changes.

    It is the same thing with Christians, we go where we like what we are being feed spiritually.

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    Excellent question! This is precisely why I am non-denominational. I feel that many Denominations have much to offer and that none of them are 100% correct. I also have walked long enough with the Lord to know that I am also not 100% correct! I think if any of us had ALL the answers, we wouldn't need the Holy Spirit's leading anymore. That is never going to happen.

    I like what Dr. J. Vernon McGee (a Presbyterian) had to say about denominational differences: He said that, in Heaven everybody is going to completely agree with his viewpoint on everything. Why? Because God is going to cause others to change a lot of their thinking to agree with him where he is right, and God is going to change a lot of his thinking to agree with others where they are right.

    May we all be so humble!

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    1 decade ago

    I've been to Christian Science, Baptist, Wesleyan, Catholic, Methodist and Episcopalian as well as Pentecostal. I chose Pentecostal because I am comfortable there and so far I've seen no problems with doctrine and what is in the scripture.

    I am, however, still on hold regarding being filled with the Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. I find most denominations believe the same thing with a little twist here and addition there (so they can claim being extra holy). If humans are involved, nothing can be 100% correct in that particular denomination.

    This is my opinion and I've heard many others. Bottom line? You gotta get it for yourself. There is no perfect church until Christ returns.

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    1 decade ago

    Interesting question. I belong to a nondenominational church. There is only ONE church in the Bible. Denominations divide the body of Christ. If someone is Biblically Born Again, then there is no such thing as a denomination. We belong to the same church. God's Church. God only sees the congregation of the righteous and the congregation of the damned. There will be no denominations in heaven. I go deaf when someone says "I'm attend this denomination." The real question is "Are you born again?"

    Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition, Titus 3:10

    It's wise to avoid those brethren who only want to argue about church doctrine. We need to put our energy into evangelizing.

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    I believe that denominations are a mistake. I believe that we should all be followers of Christ.

    1 Corinthians 8:1-3 says that "...if we think that we know anything then we don't know it as we ought to, but if we love God we are known by Him."

    Unfortunately, since I'm not God I don't know everything, but I do know that Jesus said that they would "know us by our love one for another". This means that unity should be a much higher priority. Also, the Corinthians verse means that humility should be more highly valued than thinking we know all the answers.

    There are some things that are pretty clear in scripture and those things should be held to. If there are differences, which there will always be, then they should be dealt with in love and humility and based on God's holy word.

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    1 decade ago

    well-- personally, i loathe the word "denominations". why?? Jesus was not a part of a denomination, right?? i am nondenominational. however i have attended baptist, lutheran, methodist, presbyterian.. and other 'christian' churches. yet i am outside of a denomination. this is a sticky subject. i do not think that any one denomination has it all-- they all have their bad points-- so what i always pray for is unity among the church as a whole. that the reformed can join with the nonreformed, and still worship the same way. thats they way it was meant to be.

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    1 decade ago

    I go to a Presbyterian church. But I consider myself non-denominational. I really have a tough time with denominations because its splits the body of Christ against one another.

    Mostly the purposes of denominations aside from subtle differences in doctrines are the methodology and manner in which worship is conducted. But Christians are fundamentally united under the same belief in Christ and such and that is what is important. The bigger picture and such. If any denomination strays from that, it then becomes a my opinion (aka Jehovah Witness and to an extent Mormons)*

    *my issues with them is purely theological and has nothing to do with personal issues.

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