what is bpa?

i have not heard of bpa untill i just saw a question on here about it i am wondering what it is and maybe if anyone has any info on how to tell if a bottle has bpa i have bottles from when my son was bottle fed and planned on buying a few more seeing as i am 22 weeks preg but if my sons old bottles are not safe i would like to know any help would be appreciated


i was also wondering if anyone knew if the playtex drop in liners showed bpa those are the bottles i prefer but will not use if they have any problems thanks for all the links and answers

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    Bisphenol-A can alter the expression of several hundred genes with effects varying among specific tissues and also depending upon the timing of exposure. More than 130 studies suggest that BPA exposure at very low doses is linked to a staggering number of health problems, including prostate and breast cancer, obesity, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, brain damage, altered immune system, lowered sperm counts, and early puberty.



    Edit - these are on the "safemama" list I linked:

    Playtex Opaque Soft Bottle, Playtex Drop in liners

    If you are not breastfeeding, you should know that formula cans also contain BPA, which leaches into formula. The powdered kind has less BPA than the liquid kind. Of course, it is healthier for the baby just to breastfeed anyways, but that is just one more reason to avoid formula.

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    BPA free bottles are usually marked somewhere on the packaging. Nuby Non drips and Born Free are a couple. Walmart sells a BPA free bottle under the Parent's Choice line. You can check out the websites below for further info on what ones to buy.

    Good Luck!

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    A triangle on the bottom of the bottle should have a # inside it. If it is 3, 6 or 7 throw them away. #1 is the best, the rest are ok, but not suggested for long term (years) use if reheating (microwave mainly) often. Most baby bottles made today are safe and really the amount of chemicals that might be dispersed is so minimal. The real worry is using water bottles from the store and reusing them over and over.

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    i would recomend getting new bottles because yours sons bottles arent safe.....bpa in bottles is released when the bottle is warmed...as in microwaving, putting it in the dishwasher and even washing it in the sink with hot water.....if you do buy new bottles i would go with the playtex drop ins..you dont have to wash the liners.....i hope these websites help

    here are some websites that tell you about bpa in bottles..



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    a chemical found in plastics (and in most baby bottles) that is supposed to leak into milk/foods/fluids when heated up and can slowly leak out of bottles after use, so it does not only leak when heated up, it leaks out after a lot of use too (from the article i provided the link to below)


    buy BORN FREE bottles, they rock!! they are BPA free

    the box for the bottles will also say if they are BPA free.

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    Sassy Mam Ultivent bottles are safe and inexpensive. They come in fun colors. You can get them at Target

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    i didn't know this either thanks for posting the ?. i'm wondering if you don't heat the bottles up does it still have effect?

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