Texas Polygamy-if the fundamentalists are a "breakoff" of original LDS, following Joseph Smith's teachings

The LDS church claims that Joseph Smith needed to correct the Bible, that the book of Mormon is more accurate. Then why did LDS church reject the polygamy teaching? He and B. Young claimed polygamy was the way to godhood. And the term "fundamentalist" refers back to the original teachings. Was Joseph Smith wrong? Did he need correction himself? How could he be so wrong about polygamy and presume to correct the Bible?

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    The history of Polygamy has many 'coincidences'. Originally the Book of Mormon condemned Polygamy, then J.S. got a revelation telling him to have more women in his life, but kept it a secret from his wife and followers.

    Eventually, they found out, and then he received a "revelation" from God that allowed, no, demanded that he do it.

    Later, when the U.S. Army was marching into Utah to stop the Mormons doing what the FLDS just did, the Mormon Leader received a 'revelation' telling him that Polygamy was bad.

    Thus sparing him and the church from arrest.

    Yet, for many years afterwards, many mormons (leaders included) continued to do it privately. And many of them still do today. Big Love ain't just a T.V. show.

    Even now the Mormons teach that in order for them to get into the top heaven, they must upon leaving this existence, have more than one wife.

    Just like the FLDS do.

    And yes, J.S. did in fact "reinterpret" the Bible. It's often called the Joseph Smith Version, and it's copyright is held by another Mormon branch called the Reorganised Church (I think they changed their names recently).

    Source(s): http://exmormons.org/ and my life experiences as a Mormon.
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    The bible has many instances where God allowed polygamy. Polygamy in itself isn't really wrong or evil. When people are forced into it or abused then it is wrong. What is right or wrong only depends upon the culture one is brought up in.

    My point is, you can't say Joseph Smith was wrong based upon what the bible says (bible has many polygamy examples) and I don't think you can say Joseph Smith was ethically wrong because he practiced polygamy. You may not agree with it and you may think it is wrong, but if it's not taking away a persons inalienable rights and all parties are in agreement then by right they should be allowed to do it. Many other groups today in the United States practice polygamy and are happy and all are consenting to live that kind of life.

    Finally, regarding the LDS church, it is a church a modern revelation, so the church continues to recieve word from God regarding His will. The church felt that God was not allowing the practice of polygamy anymore so they changed their view on it. Whether polygamy is considered the only path to god hood, I don't know, but surely God has a right to decide what is allowed at any given time and what isn't. The bible has many examples of intances where a seemingly "sin" was justified in the moment, because of the situation. Now, you may not agree that God controls the LDS church, but realize that the LDS church members DO belive that, so you should at least be understanding of their beliefs.

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    First of all, the polygamy practiced by these fundamentalists is not the polygamy preached by Joseph Smith. They preach that it is a REQUIREMENT for exaltation, which is NOT what Joseph Smith taught. Polygamy is not a requirement for exaltation or salvation. Some of these fundamentalist men have sex with their daughters; Joseph Smith never taught that either. Joseph Smith also taught us to obey the laws of the land in which we live; these fundamentalists aren't doing that either. It's these fundamentalists that have strayed from Joseph's teachings, not us.

    Second, we don't believe Joseph was wrong about polygamy. The practice wasn't changed because the church later decided polygamy was evil. The gov't made polygamy illegal and the Church's attempts to have that law reversed were unsuccessful. Faced with the decision of whether to practice polygamy or obey the law as Joseph taught, they chose the latter.

    And I don't know if you come from a Christian background, but something similar, i.e., a change in practice, is found in the Bible too. Jesus didn't preach to the Gentiles. And even after Jesus' death, it was policy not to preach to the Gentiles. Then Peter had a vision telling him that it was ok. Was Jesus wrong? Did Peter need to correct Jesus? No.

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    The only reason some people think the FLDS are closer to the original teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young is because of one thing: the FLDS still practice polygamy. Believe it or not, there are several other doctrines which were taught by the original LDS church, which are no longer taught or practiced by the FLDS. The key difference between the two is that the FLDS forsook the counsel of a living prophet (Wilford Woodruff). And you can see the results today of that action.

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    \If you read in The Book of Mormon, you can find out why these don't contradict. It says that polygamy is an abomination, unless I command it to raise a seed unto myself. So, really, Peter, James, and John didn't practice polygamy, but Jacob and others did. Why was this changed? Because God needed seed, he commanded polygamy, and then he took it away. There is no contradiction.

    And we say nothing of Joseph Smith needing to correct the Bible with a more accurate Book of Mormon. Everyone interpreted the Bible in so many different ways, The Book of Mormon is a clarification of the teachings in the Bible. The Bible also wasn't perfectly translated, so not all of it can be completely trusted.

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    Diff people in diff societies at diff time have different doctrines, which are all eternal and spiritual for them at the time. The biggest example of this is in the Bible and the change to the law of moses then away from the law of moses.

    The needs of the church and the progression of the gospel to the earth changes. Some societies need more emphasis on certain aspects of the doctrine.

    When the early church was being organized there were a lot of obstacles and I believe the tight knit community that the law of consecration and polygamy created helped to ensure the church became stable and was able to grow amidst intense persecution. It obviously worked so maybe God knows what he is doing.


    I just answered so why dont you now admit to everyone you were wrong.


    Dont you and people like you get that mormons can use the same arguments you use against mormons on your own religious beliefs and interpretations.

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    The LDS believe the bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

    Polygamy has been commanded of God in the Bible (solomon for example). The LDS rejected that teaching when under political pressure they asked of God if it was still necessary and He directed them to abandon it. The LDs does not consider every statement, true or misconstrued, of church leaders to be doctrine.

    The "fundamentalists" used the name of the church they had been excommunicated from (the LDS) for inappropriate behavior - not when polygamy was abandoned in 1904 - but a full 30 years later in 1935. The FLDS does not share anything with the LDS church except they still use the BoM as scripture - which ironically forbids polygamy except when commanded of God.

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    One of the tenatnt of the LDS church is that we believe in modern day revelation. That is, that God speaks to mankind in this day and age as well as he did anciently. Do you understand the premise here? It is, God can and does share counsel, concerns, inspritation, and direction pertient to the needs of the current times.

    In other more clearer words....what may be necessary for one day and age may not be necessary for another. And, as new and current issues arrise, new and current revelation is need to deal with the changing times.

    It happened before. In ancient times, animal sacrifice was a doctrine. In later times, it was done away. Revelation is precisely that. New doctrine, or changes to doctrine occur at the will and direction of the Lord.

    Polygamy had a purpose at one time, More women were joining the LDS church than men, and therefore would not have the ability for an eternal marriage. Polygamy helped change that issue. Polygamy was not practiced generally, but by a selected few. As the issue no longer was an problem, the doctrine changed via revelation.

    God is in control and God has the right to reveal as he seems fit. So the real issue for anyone is to gain a belief in modern day revealtion and a testimony of whether God does this or not.

    Pray to God for such an answer. He has told us to do that in the Bible. See James 1:5 (and, getting an answer to your prayer, by the way, is a type of "revelation." Revelation does happen)

    Source(s): Lifelong Mormon
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    "Ending polygamy was a political decision."

    LOL... One that took 28 years to make? Polygamy was outlawed in the territories in 1862. Mormons continued to practice it for another 28 years.

    My understanding is that the Book of Mormon rejects polygamy EXCEPT when God commands certain individuals to practice it. Same was true in the Bible.

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    We believe in continuing revelation. Polygamy was needed for a short while. God has implemented polygamy in the bible. God revealed, through His prophet, that polygamy was no longer needed. Those that broke off because they disagreed were disobeying a command from God. And while there is plenty of speculation that polygamy leads to what you refer to as godhood, there is no doctrine.

    And we don't exactly claim that Joseph Smith needed to correct the bible either. The bible is the word of God.

    The ONLY thing the FLDS were doing that was once a part of our doctrine was polygamy. We never partook in illegal marriages nor was marriage (or sex for that matter) ever forced on anyone as a church policy. Child abuse has never been tolerated. Also, we don't have beds in our temples. Sex has never EVER been part of our temple ceremonies. Our temple ceremonies are filed at the library of congress.

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    Actually Miss Tea Leaves....

    Celestial Marriage between a man and a woman is the key to the highest degree in the celestial kingdom. Polygamy was tested on us by God for awhile. After The Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1886 and the supreme court upheld it and after hundreds of men who had the responsiblity of making a house for their wives and keeping the finances in order were put in jail, did WIlford Woodruff asked God in prayer to get rid of polygamy. Joseph Smith wasn't wrong, he got the revelation from God, but we have to follow the laws of the land.

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