Airline Cancellations (American Eagle)?

So I'm supposed to be flying to New York from Dallas/Chicago on Saturday, and was wondering...Have most of these American Airlines cancellations been on American Eagle planes? I'm under the impression that they both go together (I'm flying American Eagle), and looking at the Chicago terminal map it says that the only planes associated with American Eagle in chicago is American Airlines. Since most cancellations have been outta Dallas & Chicago, will my flight be canceled??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    American Eagle does not fly MD-80 aircraft, which is the type affected by the current cancellations. They only fly small regional jets. Your flight will not be canceled due to the current aircraft inspection issues.

    The MD-80's are mainline American Airlines' aircraft, not American Eagle.

    Source(s): American Airlines website
  • Mike R
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    1 decade ago

    All of the cancellations have been on a certain type of aircraft (MD80) which are only flown by mainline American Airlines flights, not American Eagle. (American Airlines and American Eagle are the same airline, but American Eagle is the "commuter" part of the airline that generally flies regional jets on shorter routes). Anyway, the delays/cancellations shouldn't really affect American Eagle.

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