What can be done to stop the ridiculous sentences handed out by the courts. 300 hrs for killing a 4 year old?

This is one of loads of really breathtakingly lenient sentences being handed out in the criminal justice system.

Read the story this **** is a real piece of work.

Can anything be done to stop this scum escaping virtually unpunished from their crimes?

What needs to happen , new laws.....new judges?



Oh and he´s about to become a father.........

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. New form/type of Government, we have an emasculated trot of the same Public School Garbage that has never walked an ordinary street alone.

    2. Scrap the Do-Good Reformers.

    3. Judiciary from the Ordinary Folk.

    4. Magistrature from the Ordinary Folk.

    5. New Top echelon of the Police; from the People, by the People for the People.

    6. The Sentences are already in place; just not used.

    7. New punishment; Train the prisoners in a trade by

    building their own prisons.

    8. More Prisons.

    9. Get rid of the soft options within prisons.

    10. Weapon carrying of any sort; 5 years Hard Labour.

    11. Equality under the law; Top People are getting away with all sorts under the ''Old Boy Network''.

    12. Scrap the Criminal Justice System.

    13. Regulate the Barristers and Solicitors; they are not actors on a stage,they must be deadly and seriously committed to Justice.

    14. Bring back Public Birching for all crimes up to Sexual Assault.

    15. Public vilification: Name and Shame locally.

    I've just read the article again; if he had done that to my child, he would be dead within a fortnight, he would have been seriously aware of his dying too.

    Of course the full fury of the Law would be unleashed on me; probably by the same retard of a Judge.

    I praise the person who would kill this creature.

  • Stevie
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    1 decade ago

    It's really sad and disgusting how this sort of crime goes unpunished,if the driver had owed money to some government department he would have been jailed, but for taking the life of a 4 year old he walks free...the law of the land needs to change sooner rather than later there are too many of these scum bags getting away with murder...you have to wonder if it had been a politicians son that he killed would the outcome have been the same

  • Capri
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    4 years ago

    I have always been an advocate for letting the punishment fit the crime. Maybe instead of the death penalty, this scumbag should have his spinal cord severed and forced to live as a quadriplegic. Of course that still leaves the matter of being shot in the face four times by a .40 caliber at close range and enduring all the surgeries that Officer Gonzalez has had to face. Maybe the death penalty is the best option, but none of that quick relatively painless (by comparison to Officer Gonzalez pain and suffering) lethal injection, or electric chair. The ancient Chinese had a punishment that every day the prisoner had a body part removed, starting with the feet and working upward. The body part was then boiled and fed to the prisoner, so that he slowly ate himself to death. No cost for food to the taxpayers. Cruel and unusual punishment? Not in my opinion.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know what this Country is coming to. 3 years ago, a couple of blokes murdered a 1 year old baby, down here in Cornwall. They held him by the feet, and smashed his head against a brick fireplace. I recently heard that they have been released from prison, after serving less than half of an already lenient sentence. What the hell do judges do to earn such MASSIVE salaries????? No wonder there is so much killing and knife crime, when such leniency is shown to killers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A similar "real piece of work" did the same to my 11 year old some years ago and like this scum he got a smack on the wrist. You get less penalties for leaving the scene of an accident than you do for drink driving.

    In my case the guy had only a provisional licence no insurance and an unroadworthy vehicle.

    This happened 3 days before Christmas a good number of years ago. It is our family that got the life sentence.

    The guy went on to stab some one to death a couple of years ago and is finally off the streets.

  • 1 decade ago

    This is a total disgrace, The people who pass these laws and sentences are supposed to highly educated people. I think that it just goes to show that for all the expensive education that is available, it counts for absolutely nothing if you do not have common sense. And a 87 year old widow who cannot afford to pay her heating bills will be sent to prison for failing to pay her council tax. The very least this guy should have been tried for is manslaughter. He got behind a wheel without a licence, so he knew full well that he was unqualified to be driving that car. I think there has to be a review of this case and the original judge sacked.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i Think it is about time our Jail sentances got a lot tougher like America. At least when they jail someone for life. They mean life and dont see the outside world again. Life in this country means a few years in a cushy prison with 3 square meals aday and all the comforts of home.

    This scum bag should be given the death penalty, but seeing as our totally soft country does not have it. Then i would like to see him spend 5 minutes with that poor babys parents and then justice will no doubt be done,.

    The bloke is just ******* sick ................. scum of the earth

  • 1 decade ago

    Were Jason Diprose's parents in court? Did anyone ask them how they felt about what he had done? I know this is a long time ago but actually to me it's not, on the 29th December 1970 my best friend - a male (nothing sexual) was killed by a drunken driver, on the 15th January 1971 my brother was also killed by a drunken driver. Seventeen days apart and both lads died fifty yards apart, both killed by people we knew from our local farming community - both got off without any prosecution. The first driver ran off over the fields and wasn't picked up by the police for two days and the woman who killed my brother was removed from the scene of the accident and had had a few stiff whiskies 'for her nerves' by the time the police found her at her fathers home, where he had taken her, he was a county councillor. She had been drinking all afternoon in a local pub, there were plenty of witnesses who were never called to testify and had two bald tyres on her car. There were inquests of course, but the coroner played golf with the fathers of both the people still alive who were instrumental in the accidents. My father would not appeal, he was devastated. Nothing will ever persuede me that this was other than a disgrace to the justice system in our country and actually nothing changes, it's not what you know - it's who you know! And you can get away with murder!

  • 1 decade ago

    Seems rather strange that some law is not in effect yet, yet they didnt think to give a few month sentence and have a revue in a few months when the new law is in place are else put the case back a few months for some legal reason. My word don't judges do that a lot for other cases. the guy who mugged me ten years ago only had his case heard four years ago. Kept been put back and back for different reasons.

  • 1 decade ago

    The sentence was correct in a Magistrates Court the case should have been held in a Crown Court before a Judge and Jury.

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