Whats DPS mean on world of warcraft????

also after i get honor pionts where do i spent them to get epic items????

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    DPS = damage per second. It's a term generally meaning a class that deals damage, as opposed to a healer or tank (the mob holder).

    Damage Per Second is calculated from your gear, enchants, and talent spec. The process of maximizing those numbers is know as min/maxing, also sometimes called theorycrafting. It's how much damage you can put out against a mob (monster) in a set amount of time.

    For Alliance, you spend honor and marks from battlegrounds in the Hall of Champions in Stormwind - I think it's in the Old Town section, in the barracks area. Ask a guard/check your map.

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    As said by others, to quit a guild, simply type in /gquit And DPS stands for damage per second. Characters have different specs they can be. Being DPS, a tank, or being a healer. People have to know what spec you are because when making a group to do an instance/raid, you need a certain amount of dps, tanks, and heals. Someone who says 'dps lfg for DM' is just saying that they are dps specced looking for a group for deadmines. Therefore, if there is a group that needs someone to dps, then an invite can be sent to that person.

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    Dps Definition

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    Define Dps

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    DPS = Damage per second (The term is also used to imply the function for a spot on a raid. DPS used in that way implys a class devoted to causing damage such as a hunter, mage, rogue etc)

    Honor points are earned by killing enemy players when both are flag as their respective faction (Horde and Alliance). This more commonly done in "Battle Grounds" but can occur anywhere so long as both players are flagged.

    Honor points are spent at the BG vendors... for Horde its in Ogermier ... for Alliance I believe that is in Stormwind.

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    Damage per second.

    You spend honor/marks in Orgrimmar in the Hall of Legends, not sure about the Alliance.


    DPS can also generally refer to high damage dealing classes/builds/gear. Like "looking for DPS for a WSG pre-made" or "I just got these sick DPS leggings" and such.

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    DPS stands for Damage per second

    You can spend your honor points in the hall of champions which is in Stormwind City. It is located in old town of Stormwind.

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    Dps is basically anyone who doesn't heal or tank. So like a normal 5 man group will have 1 tank 1 healer and 3 "dps" (i.e. feral druid (tank) - holy priest (healer) - hunter / rogue / mage for dps)

    -- You spend your honor points in Hall of legends in Orgrimar for horde - For alliance go near the rogue guild in Stormwind

    You can also spend them at the pvp vendors for wsg (in ashenvale)/ arathi basin (arathi highlands)

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    dps means damage per second

    u get honor points from pvp

    and u go to the champions guild i think

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