whats a good topic to research about medieval ages? Thanks for the help!!!!!?

The professor is pretty open about the topics we can choose

for example some people have already told her what they are going to do and it has to do with the beginnings of Christianity, another person is going to talk about witch craft, another about lesbianism... anyways she is pretty open about the subjects. I do not want to talk about Religion..

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    Medicine would be a good one, you could cross reference the tribal healers methods with the methods used in the cites. Medicines that were brought in by the Romans and so on.

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    Lesbianism? in the Middle Ages? :-?

    anyways. You can talk about the way Germany used to be united under the Holy Roman Empire, and then gets broken up into Bavaria, Bern, and the other smaller kingdoms.

    You can talk about the Crusades from a militaristic (not religious) standpoint.

    you can talk about the Spanish Inquisition (darn, it's religious)

    You can talk about Geofrey Chaucer and his Canterbury Tales. Or you can talk about Dante Aligheri and his Inferno (Divine Comedy)

    You can talk about the feudal system (Power going from King, Nobility, Lords, Commoners, Peasants)

    You can talk about traveling minstrels and their how they sang the news of other towns.

    You can talk about William Wallace and his Scottish campaings against the English and his fake accent (oops, that's Mel Gibson's)

    you can talk about the early Kings of England, like William the Conqueror, or King John (bad guy in Robin Hood, real person though)

    You can talk about how the Pope used to be an emperor in the political sense (not religious).

    you can talk about how the early Arabs conquered southern Europe (modern Israel and Spain were conquered) and how they were driven out by the Crusaders, or by the Spaniards (just in time for Columbus to set sail)

    You can talk about the building of Gothic Cathedrals, like Notre-Dame, Chartres, Lyon, Canterbury, Westminster, etc.

    You can talk about the formation of Colleges, like Bologna, Cologne, Oxford and Cambridge. (They had few books, so they could only teach reading, writting/grammar, and logic/lecture-giving.)

    When it comes to the middle ages, religion filled the tediousness of farm labor. People simply prepared for the time they died, and the life afterwards.

    So don't limit yourself when it comes to the Middle Ages.

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    To be different, try speaking about Medieval Cuisine!

    Don't just talk about food, but also eating habits, cooking methods, food preservation, etc.

    You could always bring a sample of medieval cuisine (even if it just some homemade bread and honey) for the class to munch on while you speak.

    Munchies are always popular!

    Good luck and have fun with this!

    Source(s): here is a very informative link that will definitely get you started : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_food
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    What about personal hygiene habits (could lead into the Plague). Obviously, bathing was not seen as helpful and I'm sure they didn't brush their teeth. But I'm weird so I've always wondered how men went to the bathroom while wearing suits of armor, what women did during their menstrual cycles, etc. Gross, but interesting! Just an idea...

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    1 decade ago

    Medieval Myths! Those are amazingly cool! You'll find yourself obsessed with them in no time. Try King Arthur, Dragons, Rome, Greece, etc. Tons of myths popped up in Medieval times, and they were pretty cool!

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    i'm assuming you're touching on the Medieval era or The dark a protracted time. i might advise discussing the events that signaled the tip of the Medieval cases and the beginning up of the Renaissance era. good success.

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    Personally, I'd research the Black Death.....horrible, but fascinating.

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    What about Medieval art? I think that would be interesting.

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    Medieval Warfare, I did an essay and presentation about ti last year and it was REALLY fun. ^^

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    the Crusades!

    or, once when i had to do a project like this, someone did a paper on Robin hood

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