whats a good topic to research about medieval ages? Thanks for the help!!!!!?

The professor is pretty open about the topics we can choose

for example some people have already told her what they are going to do and it has to do with the beginnings of Christianity, another person is going to talk about witch craft, another about lesbianism... anyways she is pretty open about the subjects. I do not want to talk about Religion..


Is for the course Occident Culture (something like that) we also call it humanities. I am from PR so maybe here in the University (or college) we call our classes here different. But I guess one could see it as History...

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  • Bill Z
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    Do food. What people ate - depending upon class level. Poor people didn't get to eat much meat, and the recipes they used for things were really weird.

    Another thing is medicine - or what passed for medicine. Barbers were also surgeons of sorts, and bleedings were used to cure people.

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    I'm assuming you are referring to the Medieval Period or The Dark Ages. I might suggest discussing the events that signaled the end of the Medieval times and the beginning of the Renaissance Period. Good luck.

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    what subject is this for, English/History what?

    How about:

    The role of Giants in medieval epic (Malory, Gawain and the Green Knight etc), try the Voice of the Shuttle for this

    The role of Courtly Love in the court of Eleanor of Aquatain and its affects on human relationships ever since (anything by Jocelyn Wogan-Browne)

    Female Saints from Female Gods (Brigit etc) TRy Holy Anorexia or Mother Jesus for this

    From Giants to fairies; following fairystories from ancient myths to children's tales (Marina Warner's Beauty and the Beast, or the Ashliman site ; anything on the Irish Tuatha de dannan)

    The Lais of Marie de France, the first X-files ? (Bisclavret is a werewolf story)

    Hope this gives you some ideas

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    Lesbianism? interior the midsection a protracted time? :-? in any case. you may talk with reference to the way Germany was united decrease than the Holy Roman Empire, and then gets broken up into Bavaria, Bern, and the different smaller kingdoms. you may talk with reference to the Crusades from a militaristic (no longer religious) point of view. you may talk with reference to the Spanish Inquisition (darn, that is religious) you may talk approximately Geofrey Chaucer and his Canterbury memories. or you may talk approximately Dante Aligheri and his Inferno (Divine Comedy) you may talk with reference to the feudal gadget (ability going from King, the Aristocracy, Lords, Commoners, Peasants) you may talk approximately vacationing minstrels and their how they sang the information of different cities. you may talk approximately William Wallace and his Scottish campaings against the English and his faux accessory (oops, this is Mel Gibson's) you may talk with reference to the early Kings of england, like William the Conqueror, or King John (undesirable guy in Robin Hood, actual individual nevertheless) you may talk approximately how the Pope was an emperor interior the political sense (no longer religious). you may talk approximately how the early Arabs conquered southern Europe (modern Israel and Spain have been conquered) and how they have been pushed out by using the Crusaders, or by using the Spaniards (purely in time for Columbus to set sail) you may talk with reference to the construction of Gothic Cathedrals, like Notre-Dame, Chartres, Lyon, Canterbury, Westminster, etc. you may talk with reference to the formation of faculties, like Bologna, Cologne, Oxford and Cambridge. (that they had few books, so as that they could purely teach analyzing, writting/grammar, and good judgment/lecture-giving.) while it comprises the midsection a protracted time, faith crammed the tediousness of farm hard paintings. human beings purely arranged for the time they died, and the existence afterwards. So do no longer shrink your self while it comprises the midsection a protracted time.

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