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What's the difference between a rook, a crow and a raven?

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    The term crow refers to a family of species, of which the raven, jackdaw and rook are a part. To complicate matters, some species within the family are referred to as crows, such as the carrion crow and collared crow. It is easy to get these black birds confused.

    The raven, jackdaw and rook are three specific varieties of crows. The raven is the largest. It reaches between 56 and 69 cm in length. It has beautiful iridescent feathers. The jackdaw is much smaller at 34 to 39 cm in length. It has greyish or silver feathers on its neck and cheeks. Another distinguishing feature in the adults is a whitish colour to the eyes. Rooks grow to 45-47 cm in length. They are distinguishable by the bare grey skin around the base of the adult's bill near the eyes. This is visible only in mature crows, because they lose their face feathers in adulthood.

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    Rooks And Crows

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    All are large black birds of the same family. "Rook" is a British usage, and refers to a bird that is sometimes elsewhere called a raven. "Crow" refers to the smaller black corvids, but is not more specific. In the southern United States there are both American crows and fish crows (fish crows are smaller and make a stupid-sounding caw), and worldwide something like 28 species are called crows (some of which are also called ravens). Ravens are the largest members of the family. One species, the common raven, is spread out across most of the Northern hemisphere. Other corvids are also called ravens, though.

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    A rook on it`s own is a crow and a crow in a crowd is a rook

    A raven is a much bigger bird All three of them are carrion eaters

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    A rook is a piece you find on the chess board

    A crow is a large black feathered bird

    A raven is a loud noisy american teenage actress

    sorry, couldn't resist

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    In the US there are crows and ravens.

    Ravens are larger and live in rugged mountain regions, They soar like hawks and their tails have a different shape.

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    The first is a chess piece. The other two are types of birds.

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    They are all blackbirds .

    they look the same.

    the only difference is in their size

    See this link

    That will explain it all.

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